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The 22000 Series of Starline 45 RPM Singles

Compiled by Piers A. Hemmingsen.


The 22000 series was another interesting diversion in the Capitol of Canada story and highlighted the importance of the British artists that, in many cases, had been passed on by Capitol in the US. In the US, Frank Ifield had been relegated to Vee Jay, Cliff Richard and the Dave Clark Five to Epic, Billy J. Kramer to Imperial, and Gerry And The Pacemakers to Laurie.

The Canadian Star Line 22000 series was probably launched in the fall of 1966.

There were at least 6 releases on this series and these tended to be Canadian-only versions of the popular «back-to-back» hits on the two-tone green Starline label.

Finally, at the beginning of the 1970s, it would appear that Paul White himself resurrected the 22000 series label with at least two new Canadian releases in the wake of the CRTC changes (22006 and 22007)

Serial Number Artist Title
22000 Charlie Drake My Boomerang Won’t Come Back / I Bent My Assagai
The original issue had a running time of 3:36 and included the lyrics "Practised 'till I was BLACK in the face" that were banned in the USA. The US pressing had a running time of just 2:45 and the lyrics "Practised 'till I was BLUE in the face". This green swirl reissue incorrectly had a time of 2:49 while the song indeed plays 3:36 like the original Canadian release.
22000 starline 45 rpm
22001 Cliff Richard & The Shadows Bachelor Boy / Summer Holiday
22001 starline 45 rpm
22002 Frank Ifield I Remember You / I’m Confessin’
22003 The Dave Clark Five Bits And Pieces / Glad All Over
22000 starline 45 rpm
22004 Billy J. Kramer From A Window / Little Children
22004 starline 45 rpm
22005 Gerry & The Pacemakers I’m The One / Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
22006 Anne Murray Snowbird / Cotton Jenny
Green swirl like 22000-05
The dates are 1970 for the A-side and 1971 for «Cotton Jenny» which would mean that this release dates from possibly 1971 or 1972 or even later. As the date on the label here shows, ii is most likely from January 18, 1973
22004 starline 45 rpm
22007 Edward Bear You, Me, And Mexico / Fly Across The Sea
Green swirl like 22000-05
The dates are 1969 for the A-side and 1971 for «Fly Across The Sea» which would mean that this release dates from possibly 1971 or 1972 or even later.

Interestingly, the message «A Canadian Capitol Production» is printed on the label of 22007. The A-side carries the message «Produced By Paul White» while the B-side carries the message «Executive Producer: Paul White».
22007 starline 45 rpm


Canadian Starline sleeve featuring the 22000 series, circa 1967-1968

Canadian-ized Starline singles

Canadian-ized Starline sleeves included both the US Starlines releases as well as the 22000 release information. The Beatles, for example, issued 6 of these on Starline in the USA (some of these had been Vee Jay only releases in the US) at this time but only four of these were pressed in Canada.

45-6061 Twist And Shout / There’s A Place
Twist starline 45 rpm
45-6062 Love Me Do / PS I Love You
PLease starline 45 rpm
45-6063 Please Please Me / From Me To You
love me do starline 45 rpm
45-6066 Kansas City / Boys
kansas city starline 45 rpm


Different Canadian Starline sleeve featuring the Beatles titles.

By far the biggest seller of these 4 Starline Beatles releases was the Kansas City / Boys 45 as it was the first time that these tracks had appeared on the more accessible 45 RPM format; LPs were expensive and well beyond the reach of most teens.
The other three couplings had all been released before on the 72000 series in Canada.

Interestingly, the two other Starline Beatles 45 RPM releases in the US at the same time were Do You Want To Know A Secret / Thank You Girl (45-6064) and Roll Over Beethoven / Misery (45-6065) and these were not issued on the Starline label in Canada most likely because Do You Want To Know A Secret / Thank You Girl was issued originally as Capitol 72159 which sold in very small quantities.

Roll Over Beethoven / Please Mr. Postman was already issued as Capitol 72133 and the single had sold well in Canada with copies being exported to the US as well.

The Beach Boys scored no fewer than seven Starline «green swirl» 45 releases in Canada during the mid-1960s:

45-6059 In My Room / Be True to your school
beach boys starline 45 rpm
45-6081 Do You Wanna Dance / Help Me Rhonda
beach boys starline 45 rpm
45-6094 Shut Down / Surfin’ USA
45-6105 Dance Dance Dance / Warmth Of The Sun
45-6106 Fun Fun Fun / Why Do Fools Fall In Love
45-6107 Surfer Girl / Little Deuce Coupe
45-6289 California Girls / Let Him Run Wild

Many others were also given a Starline single, like country star Buck Owens for example who had My Heart Skips A Beat / Together Again issued on Starline 45-6074.

starline 45 rpm
buck starline 45 rpm

record recollection

I do recall purchasing the green swirl Billy J. Kramer (22004) at the Sam The Record Man at the Bayshore Shopping Plaza in Ottawa in the mid 1970s which would have meant that selected (possibly old stock) 22000 Starlines were kept on catalogue until the 1970s.

The latter releases may not have been issued with the early Starline sleeve. There were at least 3 versions of the Starline sleeve, all carrying a «Printed In Canada» statement on the rear below where the catalogue information was printed.


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