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Special Capitol Of Canada Promotional Or Unusual Records

Developed by Piers Hemmingsen

The following details the special promotional or unusual vinyl releases issued by Capitol of Canada between 1961 and the 1980s.
Not too many releases appear to have been issued this way but it is interesting to note the artists that Capitol put some effort into promoting (eg Helen Shapiro, Sylvia Tyson, etc.)

Capitol Specific Artists Promotional LPs

CC-PRO-1 Russ Conway Profile In Sound
This Russ Conway record is recorded on one side only. The sleeve is one-sided and has a picture of Russ as well as a list of his recent records On Capitol. The sleeve is monochrome red, like the record label and is printed on light paper stock.
CC-PRO-2 Helen Shapiro Profile In Sound
One-sided LP from April 1962. This is essentially an interview from England which was possibly done at the BBC; interspersed are selections of her recent hits of the time. The sleeve is one-sided and has a picture of Helen as well as a list of here recent 45s On Capitol. The sleeve is monochrome on light paper stock.
I found this copy in Toronto in the 1990s and gave it to Paul White who told me that his wife was a real Helen Shapiro fan!
The front cover has a «coffee cup ring stain» - no doubt from the coffee cup of a radio DJ !


At least three Helen Shapiro 45s were issued by Capitol in Canada prior to the launch of her discs on the 72000 series.
These used the USA catalogue numbering and included:
Capitol 4627 Helen Shapiro You Don’t Know / Marvellous Lie
Release date 1961
Capitol 4662 Helen Shapiro Walkin’ Back To Happiness / Kiss N’ Run
Release date 1962
Capitol 4735 Helen Shapiro Tell Me What He Said / I Apologize
Release date – April 1962
CC-PRO-3 Freddy Gardner A Tribute to Freddy Gardner
One sided LP. «A special album produced for Canadian Radio Stations and TV Programming - Not for Sale». Besides the Inclusion of a number of Freddy Gardner Recordings, There are special interviews with his family, musicians and show-business personalities who knew Freddy well.» Timing: 24:11 This copy came from the collection legendary Vancouver DJ Jack Cullen.
PROMO 100 The Lively Ones (Meet) The Lively Ones
Promotional LP issued July 1965
On the front sleeve is printed «Specially Designed For Radio And TV Programming» as well as «Designed And Produced By Paul White» and there are various pictures of the artists. The rear sleeve has the track listing, playing times, as well as pictures and bios of each artist on the LP. The sleeve is monochrome on light paper stock (like the Helen Shapiro promo disc CC-PRO2).
Capitol T 2563 The Beatles Yesterday And Today (Butcher Cover)
Beatles LP Yesterday & Today «Butcher Cover» - Bruce Spizer owns one of a handful of surviving copies of the Canadian Butcher prototype (a beautiful colour copy of this sleeve appears in Bruce Spizer’s excellent book «The Beatles Story On Capitol Records: Volume Two») as prepared for release in Canada by Paul White. No copies were ever made commercially avcailable in Canada - it never got beyond the printers proof stage. Although some laminated slicks with 3 punched holes were made in Canada for sales reps, as seen in the picture below.
canadian butcher slick
Capitol 5810 The Beatles Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever
This is on an all white label as opposed to the US copy which is on the light green Capitol promo label. This promo version has the slightly longer horn solo at the ending of Penny Lane. A similar remix later appeared on the «Rarities» LP (the trumpet ending was added to the stereo mix). This record was never made available to the public and had no official Capitol of Canada release date. It was mailed directly to selected radio stations across Canada on February 6, 1967.

It was pressed by Compo and features a white promo label.

This was the first and only specially-labelled promotional Beatles disc in Canada. Usually, Capitol of Canada just sent regular stock copies to radio stations. Probably only 100 copies were pressed.
penny lane promo 45 rpm
SKBO 3403 The Beatles 1962-1966
This 1973 promo has a Canadian Capitol sticker on the fron cover.
promo album
PRO 101 / 102 Pierre Lalonde I'll Catch The Sun / Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Odd 45 promo with a different number on both sides. This promo is also on the rare target label with the dome logo.
lalonde promo
n/a Anne Murray & Pierre Lalonde Merry Christmas
Odd 45 promo with no catalogue number. One side features Anne Murray and the other, Québec superstar Pierre Lalonde. The disc is basically a single featuring Christmas wishes by the two singers, one in english and the other in french, pleasing fans across the country. Target label with round logo, comes in a blue picture sleeve.
lalonde promo
Apple SK 3419 John Lennon Rock And Roll
Canadian promo set with Information letter stating that the album ROOTS orginally announced was not the official release but that this Rock And Roll album was the only release authorized by Lennon. The offical release announced on the letter is February 17, 1975.
Lennon promo
72773 Suzanne Stevens Knowing How, Knowing When / Good Times
1976, Not necessarily an actual promo, this was the first 45 pressed out of Capitol's new Canadian plant in 1976. For the occasion they made a special custom orange label and wrote "The first 45 RPM from Capitol Canada June 7th, 1976"
72000 45
PRO 8570 / SPRO 8571 Paul McCartney Maybe I'm Amazed (mono and stereo)
Canadian promo with two different catalogue numbers on each side, they feature the mono and stereo verions of Maybe I'm Amzaed, live from the Wings Over America album.
amazed promo
PRO 5 Bob Seger The Bob Seger Story
Canadian promo only, 2 LP set. The Bob Seger Story was record in Toronto for Canadian readio. Housed in a generic white LP cover.
Seger promo
SPRO 104 Sylvia Tyson Regine (mono) / Regine (stereo)
Taken from her LP «Woman’s World» (orange label, gatefold, June 9, 1975) * this promo 45 was issued on a white label
SPRO 104 Various Artists Starbright
Canadian Capitol promo featuring many Capitol artists like The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Anne Murray, Edward Bear, Pink Floyd, Mrs Mills etc.
promo album
SMAS 11638 The Beatles The Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl
In 1976, Capitol of Canada sent of promo copies of the album along with a press kit including a sheet of Beatles History along with a press release for the first live Beatles album. The record was regular stock, but with a promotional sticker pasted to the back.
promo album
PRO 8908 Paul McCartney London Town
September 27, 1978. Canadian promo featuring "London Town" form the album "London Town".
amazed promo
SPRO 241 Frank Mills A Special Radio EP Christmas With Frank Mills
promo album
SPRO 437 Frank Mills Together Through The Years
4 track ep, purple label
promo album

Capitol Promotional LPs

CTS 1 Various Sounds Canadian
Not actually a PROMO per se, this album was put together to promote Canadian artists and was sold a very low prices. Green target label, Compo stereo pressing.
SPRO 9 Various Canadian Artists Capitol Today
Its full album name being "Capitol Today, An Album Commemorating the Official Opening of the New Capitol Plant, June 15, 1977", this album on pink / red vinyl (purple label, 2ble album) featured Capitol's most successful Canadian artists.
promo album
promo test album
This This album was also made as a double Gold vinyl album.
SPRO-103 Various Artists Promo LP From 1973
LP Special Promotional LP SPRO-103 Various Artists «Summer Canadian Singles Festival / Festival Canadien D’Ete Des 45 Tours» This was produced to showcase the series of Canadian artists who were releasing 45s in 1973 on both the Capitol and Pathe labels. The disc uses the orange Capitol label that was new at the time. The cover mentions intros and times for each intro but my copy has no recorded intros before the songs.

Side 1:

1. Anne Murray «Send A Little Love My Way»
2. Bob McBride «Treasure Song»
3. Flying Circus «Jabber Jabber»
4. Bill King «Canada»
5. Pepper Tree «Put A Smile On Your Face»
6. Edward Bear «Walking On Back»

Side 2:

1. Tommy Graham «My Happy Song»
2. New Potatoes «Thinking Only Of You»
3. Skipper «Down On The Flat Rock (Beside The Lake)»
4. Suzanne Stevens «Le Soleil»
5. Martin Peltier «Ma Guitare Sur Les Dos»
6. Lise Thouin «Peribonka»
7. Karo «Mon Rayon De Soleil»

SP 2 Dionne Brégent Et Le Troisième Jour
This 1976 promo was a signle meant to promote the album 70 044.
promo album
SPRO 230 Various Chartbusters in-store sampler
Dated around 1983, this white label sampler featured the Beatles' short version of Hey Jude released on the "20 Greatest Hits" album, as well as many other artists from the early 80s, like Pat Benetar, the Stray Cats, Kenny Rodgers, and Bob Seger.
promo album

Capitol Custom Albums

Not actually promos per se, in the sense that they were not intended for radio station. In reality, they were specially marketed LPs featureing various artists, designed as giveaways for clients of the specific company they were featuring. For example, "cc-1003" was promoting "Golden Tobacco / Belevedere Cigarettes". They were all pressed in Canada by RCA for Capitol. It is not known exactly how many of those were made, but as of now we have at least 4 different albums listed. These promo LPs were most likely produced circa 1961-1962. Any other information to complete this liste is welcome.

CC-1001 Gisele Mackenzie Orchids From Gisele
Parr's logo at bottom left of front cover - the LP was made specially for "Swifts Premium Meats" and given away as a promotional item to their customers.
cc 1001 album
CC-1002 Various Artists Styled Just For You
Features Nelson Riddle, Ray Anthony, Lex Baxter, Billy May, Alfred Newman (more info TBD). Some copies have a white sticker promoting Roy And Gibson. the LP was made specially for "Roy and Gibson" and given away as a promotional item to their customers.
cc 1002 album
CC-1003 Various Artists Big Band Panorama
Features Ray Anthony, Glen Gray, Bobby Hackett, Harry James, Stan Kenton. The album has the Parr's logo at bottom right of front cover - the LP was made specially for "Golden Tobacco / Belevedere Cigarettes" and given away as a promotional item to their customers. This album exists on both glossy RED label and glossy BLUE label.
cc 1003 album
CC-1004 Various Artists A Merry Christmas
Features St. Luke's Choristers, Virgil Fox, Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians, The Roger Wagner Chorale, Eddie Dunstedter. The album has the Parr's logo at bottom right of front cover - the LP was made specially as a corporate promotional item but it does not say on the jacket for which company specifically.
cc 1004 album

Canadian Capitol promo Cassettes

SPRO 458 The Sensual World, An Interview With Roger Scott Kate Bush
k7 promo

Canadian Capitol CD promo albums

These CDs are part of a series of Capitol promos featuring various artists from their roster. Many of these CDs were issued every month (most likely one every week) and were sent to radio stations for promotional purposes.

CDPRO volume 19 Various August 1992
Featured various Capitol artists from Canadian Stompin' Tom Connors to Roxette, Wilson Phillips and Iron Maiden.
CD promo album
CDPRO volume 22 Various Various October
Featured various Capitol artists from Tom Cochrane to Megadeath and Jethro Tull.
CD promo album
CDPRO volume 29 Various Various November
Featured various Capitol artists from Great White to Beau Dommage and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
CD promo album

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