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DERAM Records in Canada

Compiled by Piers A. Hemmingsen.

deram 45

Note: Albums and 45s released in Canada between 1967 and 1970 on the DERAM label
were distributed by London Records Of Canada.

33 rpm albums

Serial Number Artist Title
DERAM SML 1002 Chim Kothari Sound Of Sitar
deram 45
DERAM DES 18001 Chim Kothari Sound Of Sitar
DERAM DES 18002 TBD - -
DERAM DE 16003 David Bowie David Bowie
DERAM DES 18003 David Bowie David Bowie
STEREO. Banner in blue at top of front sleeve, issued in shrink wrap, most copies were deleted and have a punch hole in the sleeve
deram 45
DERAM DES 18004 TBD - -
DERAM DE 16005 Cat Stevens Matthew And Son
DERAM DES 18005 Cat Stevens Matthew And Son
DERAM DE 16006 Whistling Jack Smith I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
DERAM DES 18006 Whistling Jack Smith I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
DERAM DES 18007 TBD - -
DERAM DE 16008 Procul Harum Procul Harum
MONO with poster (textured cover)
DERAM DES 18008 Procul Harum Procul Harum
STEREO w/ poster (textured cover)
DERAM DSE 18009 Ten Years After Ten Years After
deram 45
DERAM DES 18010 Cat Stevens New Masters
DERAM DES 18011 Les Reed New Dimensions
DERAM DES 18012 The Moody Blues Days Of Future Passed
DERAM DES 18013 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18014 Amen Corner Round
DERAM DES 18015 The Hawaiians From The Beach Hotel
deram 45
DERAM DES 18016 Ten Years After Undead
DERAM DES 18017 The Moody Blues In Search Of The Lost Chord
Foldout cover
DERAM DES 18018 The Web Fully Interlocking
DERAM DES 18019 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18020 TBD - -
deram 45
DERAM DES 18021 Ten Years After Stonedhenge
DERAM DES 18022 The World Of Oz The World Of Oz
deram LP
DERAM DES 18023 East Of Eden Mercator Projected
DERAM DES 18024 Keef Hartley Band Half Breed
Foldout cover
DERAM DES 18025 The Moody Blues On The Threshold Of A Dream
Foldout cover
DERAM DES 18026 Kathe Greene Run The Length Of Your Wildness
deram 45
DERAM DES 18027 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18028 The Flirtations Nothing But A Heartache
deram 45
DERAM DES 18029 Ten Years After Ssssh.
Foldout cover
DERAM DES 18030 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18031 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18032 The Alan Bown ! The Alan Bown !
Features Robert Palmer
DERAM DES 18033 John Cameron Quartet Off Centre
DERAM DES 18034 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18035 Keef Hartley Band The Battle Of North West Six
Foldout cover, 1969
DERAM DES 18036 The Camerata Contemporary Chamber Group The Music Of Erik Satie: The Velvet Gentleman
Foldout cover
DERAM DES 18037 Johnny Almond Music Machine Hollywood Blues
DERAM DES 18038 Ten Years After Cricklewood Green
Foldout cover
DERAM DES 18039 Egg Egg
DERAM DES 18040 Pacific Drift Feelin Free
deram 45
DERAM DES 18041 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18042 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18043 East Of Eden S.N.A.F.U.
DERAM DES 18044 Clouds Up Above Our Heads
DERAM DES 18045 White Plains My Baby Loves Lovin'
DERAM DES 18046 Brotherhood Of Man United We Stand
DERAM DES 18047 Keef Hartley Band The Time Is Near
DERAM DES 18048 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18049 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18050 Ten Years After Watt
Poster, foldout cover, 1970
DERAM DES 18051 The Moody Blues In The Beginning
DERAM DES 18052 The Camerata Contemporary Chamber Group The Music Of Erik Satie, Through A Looking Glass
DERAM DES 18053 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18054 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18055 Clark Hutchison Retribution
DERAM DES 18056 Egg The Polite Force
deram 45
DERAM DES 18057 Keef Hartley Band Overdog
DERAM DES 18058 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18059 TBD - -
DERAM DES 18060 The Kingsway Youth Opera Company Excerpts From The Rock Opera Jesus Christ Superstar
Compo pressing, 1971
DERAM DES 18061 Cat Stevens Very Young And Early Songs
deram 45
DERAM DES 18062 Miller Anderson Bright City
deram 45
DERAM XDES 18063 Chicken Shack Imagination Lady
DERAM XDES 18064 Alvin Lee & Company Alvin Lee & Company
DERAM XDES 18065 Keef Hartley Band Seventy Second Brave
DERAM XDES 18066 TBD - -
DERAM XDES 18067 TBD - -
DERAM XDES 18068 TBD - -
DERAM XDES 18069 TBD - -
DERAM XDES 18070 Keef Hartley Band Lancashire Hustler
DERAM XDES 18071 TBD - -
DERAM XDES 18072 Ten Years After Goin' Home – Their Greatest Hits
DERAM XDES 18073 Justin Hayward Songwriter
DERAM DES1 Cat Stevens Matthew And Son / New Masters
2 LP re-package
DERAM DPA-30090 Various Artists Hard Up heroes
2 LP set with Cat Stevens, David Bowie, Timebox, Joe Cocker, Steve Marriott, Small Faces, Etc.

45 rpm singles

Serial Number Artist Title
DF 526 Nicole Croisille Une Femme Avec Toi / L'été
deram 45
DF 527 Plume Latraverse Bobépine / Lit Vert
deram 45
DF 531 Claude Valade Aide Moi À Passer La Nuit / Au Bout Du Monde
deram 45
DF 557 Plume Et Cassonade U.F.O. / La Bienséance
deram 45
DM. 109 The Move Night Of Fear / The Disturbance
DM. 110 Cat Stevens Matthew And Son / Granny
DM. 112 Whistling Jack Smith I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman / The British Grin And Bear
DM. 85001 Eyes Of Blue Heart Trouble / Up And Down
DM. 85003 Eyes Of Blue Supermarket Full Of Cans / Don't Ask Me To Mend Your Broken Heart
DM. 85006 Cat Stevens I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun / School Is Out
DM. 85014 Amen Corner Gin House Blues / I Know
DM. 85015 Cat Stevens A Bad Night / The Laughing Apple
DM. 85021 Amen Corner World Of A Broken Heart / TBD
DM. 85023 The Moody Blues Nights In White Satin / Cities
DM. 85027 Ten Years After Portable People / The Sounds
deram 45
DM. 85028 The Moody Blues Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon) / Another Morning
DM. 85029 World Of Oz The Muffin Man / Peter's Birthday
deram 45
DM. 85033 The Moody Blues Ride My See Saw / Voices In The Sky
DM. 85034 World Of Oz King Croesus / Jack
deram 45
DM. 85035 Ten Years After I’m Going Home / Hear Me Calling
DM. 85038 The Flirtations Nothing But A Heartache / How Can You Tell Me
DM. 85041 Whistling Jack Smith Only When I Larf / Early In The Morning
DM. 85044 The Moody Blues Never Comes The Day / So Deep Within You
DM. 85058 White Plains My Baby Loves Lovin' / Show Me Your Hand
DM. 85059 The Brotherhood Of Man United We Stand / Say A Prayer
DM. 85062 The Flirtations Everybody Needs Somebody (To Love In The End) / Can't Stop Lovin' You
DM. 85064 Beefcake Don’t You Know / TBD
DM. 85065 The Brotherhood Of Man Living In The Land Of Love / Where Are You Going To My Love
DM. 85066 White Plains Lovin’ You Baby / Noises (In My Head)
DM. 85070 Brotherhood Of Man This Boy / You Can Depend On Me
DM. 85075 East Of Eden Jig A Jig / Marcus Junior
Stamped copy – June 14, 1971
DM. 85078 The Brotherhood Of Man California Sunday Morning / TBD
DM. 85079 Cat Stevens Kitty / Where Are You ?
DM.85082 Junior Campbell Alright With Me / Hallelujah Freedom
DM. 7506 The Move I Can Hear The Grass Grow / Wave The Flag And Stop The Train
DM 7507 Procul Harum A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Lime Street Blues
DM. 7518 Cat Stevens Kitty / Blackness Of The Night
DM. 7520 The Honeybus In Your Life (Do I Still Figure ?) / I Can't Let Maggie Go
DM. 7524 Neil MacArthur She's Not There / World Of Glass
Ex Zombie Colin Blunstone
DM. 7529 Ten Years After Love Like A Man / If You Should Love Me
1970, from Lp Cricklewood Green

Canadian Sire LPs – Ditributed by London Record of Canada (Limited)

Serial Number Artist Title
SES 97nnn Tomorrow Tomorrow
SES 97nnn Deviants Ptoof!
SES 97nnn Deviants Disposable
SES 97nnn Killing Floor Killing Floor
SES 97023 Climax Blues Band Play On


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