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Aproximately 1000 pages

For enthusiasts and collectors of Canadian records, this source of invaluable information is David Whatmough's excellent 1000 page volume that lists all 45s and 78s issued in Canada between 1940 and 1990. There have only been 77 copies sold to date and the current edition is approximately 1000 pages. Copies are signed and numbered. The directory is VERY thorough, and compiles all Canadian labels, both obscure and big labels who produced unique Canadian series of records.

Labels covered in this book:

A & M, A & T, A - 1, A B C, A C S, A C T, A D G, A D M, A M I, A P I, A T I, Aaron, Abjoda, Able, Abon (wrc), Absilute, Academy, Acadia, Acapella, Access, Acclaim, Ace, Acme, Acrobat (RDR) Action (TC) Adama (wrc) Adoramus Ahed Ahmek Airedale Airplay Ajfo Aladin Alberta Alberta Crude (DWM) Alert Alkon Alliance Allied Alouette Alpine Alta Altair Four Altair Four (wrc) Alvina Amato Ambassador Amber Ambiance Amcan X Ame Ameri-Can Amerilys Amerix Amical Ami-Son Amok Amour Ampersand Ampex Amplitude Bagatelle Ballade Bamb Banana Belt Bani Barclay Barefoot Baron Baroque Barracuda Barrel Barry (Quality) Basement (Attic) Battle Creek Bazaar Beat Goes On Beaumont Beaver Belair Beluga Benwa Berandol Big Big B Big Chief Bigland Big Mama Big Peach Big Stick Big Valley Big Wheel Biltmor Black Bear Black Gold Black Rose Black Water Blonde Bluebird (RCA) Blue Crystal Blue Jay Blue Jean (DSP) Blue Nose Blue Ox Blue Sky Blue Spruce Blue Train Blue Tube Bluewater Blue Wave Bob Cook Bobinason Boiler Bolab Boll Weevil Bomb Bonanza Boo Boogie Stew Bookshop Boomtown Boot Canadian Figure Skating Canadian Talent Lib. Canatal Can-Base Can-Del Canton Canuck Canusa Canyon Canyon Creek Cap Capcan Capitol C-100 - 1454 Capitol 72000 85000 Capri - Caprice Captain Captain Audio Cara Caravan Caravelle Cardinal Caribou Carousel Carrere Carrousel Casino (A & M) Casl Cassandra Castle (Barrel) Castor Cavalier (DSP) Cawthra Park Celebration (Quality) Celsius Celtic Century II Century 21 Chairman Champagne Chance Change (MCA) Channelight Chanteclair Chart On Chase Chateau Cherden Cheyenne Choc (Laval) Churchill Ciel Cine Cindril Circa Circa Sound Circle M Citadel (Rodeo) Citation Citation Clan Diable Musicien Diamond Diamond Back Diana Diffusion Dinamic (Trans-Can) Dinosaur Direction Disco One Dis Q Ton Disque Double Diva Dominion Don't Blink Dorado Dorval Double Barrel Double M (London) Doughnut Downhome Downs Dreem Duck Duke Street Dyecast Dyna West E & R, E F, E G O, E T L, Eagle Earthland Ebony Echanson Echo Echo Eden Edmar (Caravan) Eika Elan Elastik Elegante (MS) Elektra (WEA) Elephant Elite (Trans-Canada) El Mocambo Elysee EMC (Evans Music Co) Ember Emerald Emotion (TC) Empire (Shotgun) Encore Epheney Epic (Columbia) Essor Etoile Eureka Excellent Express Extra (Trans-Canada) Extreme (WEA) Good Noise Good Time Gownsman Grand Grand Prix Grand River Grand Slam (Quality) Great N.A. Phonodisc Greentree Greenwood Group Concept Guardian Guitare Gun H H B Haida (A & M) Haida Moon Handsome Hansa (Quality) Harrae Harvest Holm Hawk Heart Hell Roaring Highwood High Falutin High Octane Hillcrest Hip Hippopotamus Hit Hitt Holiday Ranch (Gavotte) Honey Dew Hopi Horizon Hot Vinyl Houka House of Lords Hurley I C U 2, I F F, I S S, I T S, ICE (London) Icicle (Snocan) Ideal (Laval) Image Image Impression Infinity Intercan Interdisk Intermede Isba Isis Island (Stone) Islander Isle of Skye Itco J B M J-Bash Laniel (MS) Lark La Roseraie Laser Laurent Laurentien Laval Leko Le Nordet Leo Le Sieur Liberte Liberty Linkon Lion Lirys Little Devil Little Guy Little Mountain Little Rabbit Logel Loir Lollipop (Polygram) London Lone Raccoon Lone Raven Lone Star Lone Wolf Lotos Love Lupins (Virgin) Lynett M B S, M C A, M C G, M C R, M C S, M M & C, M P I, M T C C, M W C, Magique Magnum Maison Maisonneuve Major Manhattan Formula Manibelle Mannequin Manque (DWM) Maple Grove Maple Haze Maple Leaf Marathon - Paragon Marc Marc Marche Marguerite Marigold Maritime Mark XII Marmot New Talent Niagara Nicole Nicole Martin Nightflyte Nimbus Nine Nobel Nomadic Noram Northern Northern Dancer Northern Gold North Cumberland North Shore North Track Nouvelle Vague Nova Nova Form Now (Stone) Number One Oasis Ocean Old Can Olov Olympia Option Op Art Orange Orca Orchard Orient (RCA) Orion Ouesterne Outre Mer Oui P G C, P L P (MS), P S, P S I, Pace Pacha Pacific Pacific Star Pacific Wave Palas House Palmiers Pamplemousse Panorama Panther Panther Papillon Parachute Paragon Parallel One Parasol Parklane Paroles Passe Temps (MS) Passport (Capitol) Patrimoine Pax Paysanne Quick Silver Quintessence R & B, R C A , R C A Victor, R C A Victor, RDR Promotions Rada Rainbow Raintown Raleigh Rana Ranch Ranch House Raunch Ravin Rayne Razor Rea Ready Reba Rebel Recontre Record Canada Record-O-Rama(Zirkon) Record Theatre Red Bus Tempo Red Leaf Red Sun Redwood Regal Regatta Regency (Phonodisc) Regis (Phonodisc) Rejoice Reo (Quality) Revolution Revolver Ridge Rio Rising Ritdong (RCA) Riviera (Barclay) Roadhouse Roadside Rock A Tune Rodeo Rolltop Roman Rosedale (RDR) Rosette Roto Noto Round River Roxx Royal Royalty Rubber Bullet (Axe) Rumble Rural Root Rusticana Sloth (A & M) Smash Smile Snocan Snowy River Sol 7 Solar Soleil Solfege (Quality) Solid Gold Solo Solution (Kebec Disc) Somersault Sommet (T.C.) Song Magazine Song Master Song Supply Sonogram Sonore Sotan Soundaround Sound Canada Sound Path Sourdough Southbound Southside Sparton Spectra Scene Spectrum Spider Spin Spiral Spiral Splash Springland Springwater Spur Spy Stag Creek Stamp Star Star Starbound Starbright Star Brite (Barrel) Star Dust Star Dust Star Fish Star Pac Star Pak Star Shot Station 12 Sterling Stiff Canada Sting Stone Stony Plain Stop Stowaway Strawberry Street Success Total Total Totem (T.C.) Tournesol (T.C.) Town & Country (Chateau) Tracey Track Track Traction Trafic Train Trak Trans Atlantic Trans Bec Trans Canada Trans World Trema Tremplin Trend Triangle Tribute Trilogy Tri-Marc Trinity Triomphe Troubadour True North (Columbia) Tsunami Tuesday Tulip (Quality) Twang Tumbleweed Twilight Twin Star Two R's U F M Ubic Ultra Ulysse Underground Unidisc Union Unique Unison United Artists Uniwave Up Uptown Ursa Major V V I P Vamp Van Van Los Vantown Varietes Vedettes Venus Vera Cruz Via Vibration Victoriaville

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