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I Have been a music fan for as long as I can remember, being brought up in a family where music was central, my father was a professional trumpet player, so music has been part of my everyday life since I was born. I started collecting vinyl records a little later, in the early 1990s after hearing a day-long Beatles special on the radio that hooked me instantly to the pure raw sound of 60s music… I was unable to stop ever since!

Born in Rivière du Loup, Québec in 1978, I grew up as an army brat in Gagetown New Brunswick until I was 9 years old, and the whole family moved back to Québec, and settled in the Old Capital, here in Québec City. I then studied Fine Arts in Montreal for five years, where I found so many great records and discovered such fantastic new music. I moved back home in Québec after my studies, where I still live today, and it is then, in the course of my studies that I met Piers. Indeed, a few years after I moved back home, I started another Bacc in graphic design at the time, I met Piers through the Canadian Beatles forum, and offered my design services to work on his future books and website. Our collaboration grew stronger every day since, which led us to become good friends and business partners, later creating Hemmingsen Publishing, for who I wrote my first book on Beatle collecting: Variations 1.

One of Pier's original goals has always been to put forward the importance of our Canadian musical heritage, by documenting unique Canadian releases and discographies, and writing articles about people and events that shaped the Canadian musical panorama. Being a second (or even third!) generation 60s music fan, I don't have the pretention of even having a fraction of Pier's amazing knowledge on the subject, but I have learned tremendously by his side and work hard to help bring unique and interesting content to you, our readers. Now working as a professional user experience designer, I try hard to apply my expertise here, where many new books and ideas are on the way for the future of Capitol6000 and Hemmingsen Publishing, and I really hope that more and more people will share our passion and accompany us in this amazing adventure!

Serge Pelletier


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