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The Canadian Polydor Discography

Compiled by Piers A. Hemmingsen with help from Ian Gosling

In the early 1960s, German manufactured Polydor LPs and 45s were imported to Canada by Musimart of Montreal. These LPs were sealed in heavy plastic bags in Germany with stickers that stated "DIRECT IMPORT FACTORY SEALED". Some copies also carried a sticker that stated that the records were shipped from Europe via KLM Airlines. Musimart then distributed these imported records across Canada. Even some mono and stereo copies of the first Tony Sheridan Polydor LP from 1962 were imported to Canada.

However the biggest selling Polydor imported LPs were by James Last, Bert Kaempfert, Heintje and Max Greger. In 1966 or so, Musimart began manufacturing Polydor product here in Canada and used RCA to press the records. The Musimart name appears on the jackets for these early Canadian Polydor LPs as well as on th eearly Canadian Polydor 45s (ex. the Cream's I Feel Free 45).

Early Canadian Polydor records were manufactured and distributed by Musimart. This was the company that distributed Vanguard Records from circa 1962 to 1968 and Fantasy Records from 1968 to circa 1977. Polydor was not established on its own in Canada around early 1968 when it severed its relationship with Musimart. (The first three Cream singles, "Wrapping Paper/Cat's Squirrel" (Polydor 591 007), "I Feel Free/N.S.U." (Polydor 59 058) and "Strange Brew/Swalbr" (Polydor 1088) all were distributed by Musimart. Beginning circa January 1968, Cream's single "Sunshine Of Your Love/Tales Of Brave Ulysses" (Polydor 541-001), Polydor appear to be distributing themselves.)

The Polydor catalogue in Canada really took off in the late 1960s when label manager Fred Exon was dispatched for a time from the UK to Canada. Fred returned to the UK in 1970. This UK influence was most notable on unique Canadian releases like The Beatles’ Very Together LP for example.

Musimart Inc. Montreal sticker that was used
in the mid 1960s for imported LPs such as
German Polydor discs

33 rpm albums

Serial Number Artist Title
Polydor CP 593.001 Cream Fresh Cream
Polydor CP 594.001 Cream Fresh Cream
Polydor CP 5003 James Last The Sound of James Last
Stereo playable on mono
Polydor CP 5008 Cream Disraeli Gears
Polydor 184.017 Roberto Delgado Caramba
Polydor 184.059 James Last Instrumentals Forever
Polydor 184.063 Hugo Blanco Caribia
Polydor 184.093 James Last Games That Lovers Play
Polydor 184.107 Tommy Reilly Colours Of My Life
Compo pressing, 1967
Polydor 184.158 Roberto Delgado Delgado Dancing
Polydor 184.160 Roberto Delgado Show Dancing
Polydor 184.173 Fairport Convention Fairport Convention
Polydor 184.193 Roberto Delgado Acapulco Holiday
Polydor 184.204 Fritz Schulz-Reichel Piano And His Orchestra In A London Pub
RCA pressing
Polydor 184.351 Norrie Paramor & Orch. Satin Latin
Polydor 184.354 Hugo Blanco Ritmo Tropical
Polydor 184.366 Taste On The Boards
Polydor 222.005 The John Scott Orchestra The Sounds Of Silence
Polydor 222.006 James Last In Concert
Polydor 222.010 Nick Ingman, His Orchestra And Chorus Love Themes
Polydor 227.007 Kai Warner So In Love
Polydor 237.426 Roberto Delgado Blue Hawaii
Polydor 237.495 James Last Non Stop Dancing ‘66
Polydor Special 242.001/003 The BeeGees Rare, Precious & Beautiful
Polydor Special 242.002 TBD - -
Polydor Special 242.004 Magic Lanterns Shame Shame
Polydor Special 242.005 The Spotnicks The Best Of the Spotnicks
Polydor Special 242.006 Chris Barber & His Band Battersea Rain Dance
Features the only offical recording of the Beatles song CAT CALL
chris barber
Polydor Special 242.007 Raymond Froggatt The Voice And Writing of Raymond Froggatt
Polydor Special 242.008 The Beatles Very Together
1969 December 1 (TBD). STEREO only. Early copies are Compo-pressed, sleeve is neither Parrs nor Ever Reddy. This LP cashed in on the «Paul Is Dead» craze and was deleted quickly. Early discs use a European Polydor stamper)
Very Together lp
Polydor Special 242.009 Various The Big Hits Of Today
1969. The back of this album featured the cover of other albums in this series, including 242.008 The Beatles Very Together. The Chris Barber Band is also featured, This album features the only known official recording of the Beatles song CAT CALL.
Big Hits Of Today LP
Polydor Special 242.200 Kurt Edelhagen And His Orchestra (?) Canadian Concerto
Polydor Special 242.201 Kurt Edelhagen And His Orchestra (?) The Music Of Leroy Anderson
Polydor Special 242.202 Kurt Edelhagen And His Orchestra (?) South Of The Border
Polydor Special 242.203 Kurt Edelhagen And His Orchestra Dancing Percussions
Polydor Special 242.209 David Lloyd And His London Orchestra Michelle
Polydor Special, Compo pressing, non-gatefold
Polydor Special 242.210 TBD Romantic Mood
Polydor Special 242.211 TBD - -
Polydor Special 242.212 Werner Muller And His Orchestra Golden Evergreens 1
Polydor Special 242.213 TBD Trumpet Parade
Polydor 244.001 Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away
Polydor 244.002 Area Code 615 Area Code 615
Polydor 244.010 John Mayall Empty Rooms
Polydor 249.028 James Last Aennchen Von Tharau
Polydor 249.034 Max Greger Tanz Mit Mir
Polydor 249.040 James Last Trumpet A Go Go
Polydor 249.043 James Last Hammond A Go Go Vol II
Polydor 249.068 James Last ’66 II Non Stop Dancing
Polydor 249.069 Der Don Kosakenchor Serge Jaroff An Den Ufern Des Don
Polydor 249.101 Horst Wende Accordion À La Carte
Polydor 249.103 Max Greger Greger In The Night
Polydor 249.112 Max Greger Greger In Rio
Polydor 249.121 James Last Sax à Go Go
Polydor 249.122 James Last ’67 Non Stop Dancing
Polydor 249.160 James Last ’67 / 2 Non Stop Dancing
Polydor 249.161 James Last Trumpet A Go Go Vol. 2
Polydor 249.188 Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra Dancing Ninotschka
Polydor 249.198 Kai Warner Dancing On The Shore
Polydor 249.202 Ladi Geisler Guitar A La Carte
Polydor 249.204 James Last Guitar A Go Go
Polydor 249.205 James Last Humba Humba A Go Go
Polydor 249.206 Roberto Delgado Spanish Eyes
Polydor 249.216 James Last Non Stop Dancing 68
Polydor 249.232 Horst Wende Accordion A La Carte
Polydor 249.233 T.W. Ardy Hammond In Gold
Polydor 249.239 James Last Trumpet A Go Go 3
Polydor 249.250 James Last Rock Around With Me!
Polydor 249.272 Roberto Delgado Marimba Al La Carte
Polydor 249.273 Max Greger Max Greger Live
Polydor 249.275 TBD - -
Polydor 249.232 Horst Wende Accordion In Gold
Polydor 249.330 Roberto Delgado Latin A La Carte
Polydor 542.002 The Bavarian Trio Ein Prosit In The Beer Garden
Polydor 542.003 Billy Van Singers Polydor Proudly Presents
Polydor 542.004 The Five Bells The Five Bells
Polydor 543.001 TBD - -
Polydor 543.002 TBD - -
Polydor 543.003 The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra Presents: Deliliah, Valleri, Cinderella Rockefella, Bonnie & Clyde, Lady Madonna
Polydor 543.004/005 Cream Wheels Of Fire
Gatefold cover. Wheels Of Fire (in the studio)
Polydor 543.006 Roberto Delgado Pan-Americana
Polydor 543.007 Deep Purple Shades Of Deep Purple
Polydor 543.008 Arthur Brown The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
Polydor 543.009 The Bee Gees Rare, Precious, And Beautiful
Polydor 543.010 James Last Christmas Dancing With James Last
Polydor 543.011 Original London Cast Hair
Polydor 543.013 James Last Rolling Home With Captain James
Polydor 543.014 Cream Wheels Of Fire In The Studio
Polydor 543.015 Ivory Ivory
USA Tetragrammaton T-104
Polydor 543.016 Deep Purple The Book Of Taliesyn
Polydor 543.018 James Last Non Stop Dancing 7
Polydor 543.019 The Golden Earring The Golden Earring
Polydor 543.021 Soundtrack Girl On A Motorcycle
British Lion Orchestra
Polydor 543.022 Traffic Traffic
Polydor 543.024 Cream Goodbye
Cream 45 rpm
Polydor 543.025 Horst Wende’s Accordion Band Bei Pfeiffers ist Ball
Polydor 543.026 Traffic Last Exit
Polydor 543.027 Taste Taste
Polydor 543.029 John Mayall Turning Point
Polydor 543.030 Various German Beer Drinking Songs
Polydor 543.031 Savage Rose Savage Rose
Polydor 543.032 Elyse Elyse
Polydor 543.033 Biff Rose Children Of Light
Polydor 543.035 Blind Faith Blind Faith
Sparton & Compo pressings
Polydor 543.037 Ludwig Mauelshagen conducting the Elberfield Mandolin Orchestra Mandolin Forever
Polydor 543.038 Spooky Tooth Spooky Two
Polydor 543.039 Free Tons Of Sobs
Gatefold cover
Polydor 543.040 James Last Non Stop Dancing 8
Polydor 543.041 Kai Warner Happy Together Again
Polydor 543.042 Kai Warner Happy Days (Goldtimer II)
Polydor 543.044 Deep Purple Deep Purple
Gatefold Cover
Polydor 543.045 Murray Roman A Blind Man’s Movie
Polydor 543.051 Savage Rose In The Plain
Polydor 543.058 James Last Hammond A Go Go 3
Polydor 543.059 Ladi Geisler Guitar A La Carte Volume 2 - plays Russia's Greatest Hits
Compo pressing, non-gatefold
Polydor 543.061 Heinjte Heinjte
Polydor 543.062 James Last Hair
Polydor 543.069 Cream Best Of Cream
cream lp
Polydor 543.072 Adolf Scherbaum, under the direction of Karl Heinz Loges A Festive Trumpet For Christmas
Compo pressing
Polydor 543.074 Jack Bruce Songs For A Tailor
Polydor 543.075 Fat Mattress Fat Mattress
Polydor 543.077 Tramline Somewhere Down The Line
Polydor 543.080 James Last Aennchen Von Tharau Vol. 2
Compo pressing
Polydor 543.087 Fritz Schulz-Reichel Piano In Gold
RCA pressing
Polydor 543.088 Heinz Schachtner Trumpet In Gold 3
RCA pressing
Polydor 543.089 Franz Loeffler Swinging Baroque Guitar
Polydor 543.092 Roberto Delgado Blue Hawaii / 2
Polydor 543.093 Tom Scott Hair To Jazz
Polydor 543.095 Franz Loeffler Guitar In Gold / 2
Polydor 543.097 Max Greger In The Mood For Dancing
Polydor 543.098 Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking
Polydor 543.100 James Last Evergreens Non Stop Dancing
Polydor 543.102 James Last Non Stop Dancing 9
Polydor 543.103 Barry Ryan Barry Ryan
Polydor 543.108 Traffic Best Of Traffic
Polydor 543.111 Free Free
Polydor 543.112 Ten Wheel Drive Construction # 1
Polydor 543.113 Clark Terry At Montreaux
Polydor 543.120 Quintessence In Blissful Company
Polydor 543.121 Various Polydor Sampler
Easybeats, Cream, Fat Mattress, Thunderclap Newman, Life, Jack Bruce, Taste, Spooky Tooth, Blind Faith, Barry Ryan, etc.
Polydor 543.123 Norrie Paramor Love At First Sight
Polydor 543.125 Alfred Hause & His Orch. Romantic Classics
Compo pressing
Polydor 543.510 Georges Moustaki Le Métèque
moustaki lp
Polydor 2302.012 Jack Bruce Things We Like To Eat
Polydor 2302.013 Free Highway
Polydor 2310.006 The Luxemburg Pop Orchestra Glenn Miller Symphony
Compo pressing
Polydor 2310.011 The Baker Street Philharmonic Je T’Aime … Moi Non Plus
Polydor 2310.019 Fairport Convention Liege And Leaf
Polydor 2310.026 Deep Purple Concerto For Group And Orchestra
Deep Purple With Royal Philharmonic, gatefold
Polydor 2310.031 Deep Purple Best Of Deep Purple
Polydor 2310.040 Free Fire And Water
Polydor 2310.044 Quintessence Quintessence
gatefold, RCA pressing, 1970
Polydor 2310.080 Richie Havens Alarm Clock
Polydor 2310.082 Taste Live Taste
Polydor 2310.093 Bronco Country Home
Polydor 2310.106 Quintessence Dive Deep
Gatefold, Compo pressing, 1971
Polydor 2310.107 Jack Bruce Harmony Row
Polydor 2310.126 Free Free Live
Polydor 2310.132 Heintje Wenn Wir Alle Sonntagskinder War’n
Polydor 2310.180 Deep Purple Early Purple
Polydor 2310.184 Heintje L’Orphelin à La Voix D’Or
Polydor 2310.235 Duane And Greg Allman Duane And Greg Allman
issued on Bolt label in USA, RCA pressing
Polydor 2310.311 Heintje (Simon) Ich Denk An Dich
Polydor 2310.248 Medicine Head One And One Is Two
Polydor 2334.001 - - Theme Music For The Film 2001 A Space Odyssey And Other Great Movie Themes
Compo pressing, non-gatefold
Polydor 2334.005 Mott The Hoople Mott The Hoople
Compo pressing
Polydor 2334.012 Spooky Tooth Last Puff
Polydor 2334.013 Traffic John Barleycorn Must Die
record club
Polydor 2334.021 Spooky Tooth Tobacco Road
Compo pressing
Polydor 2334.022 Traffic Welcome To The Canteen
Polydor 2334.023 Spencer Davis Group Greatest Hits
Polydor 2334.026 Traffic Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
Polydor 2336.025 Heinjte I’m Your Little Boy
Polydor 2340.101 The Baker Street Philharmonic Love Story
Polydor 2340.104 Quintessence Dive Deep
Polydor 2343.019 Peter Loland And His Orchestra Trumpet In Super Stereo
Polydor 2343.020 Peter Loland And His Orchestra Trumpet In Super Stereo Vol. 2
Polydor 2343.021 Peter Loland And His Orchestra Hammond In Super Stereo
Polydor 2343.022 Peter Loland And His Orchestra Sax In Super Stereo
Compo pressing
Polydor 2343.023 Peter Loland And His Orchestra Latin America In Super Stereo
Compo pressing
Polydor 2343.024 Peter Loland And His Orchestra Tijuana Sound In Super Stereo
Polydor 2343.103 Slade Alive!
Polydor 2371.004 Ladi Geisler Guitare A La Carte Vol. 3
Compo pressing
Polydor 2371.007 Roberto Delgado Calypso A La Carte
Polydor 2371.014 James Last Non Stop Dancing 10
Polydor 2371.014 James Last Golden Non Stop Dancing 10
This is a special boxed edition with full colour booklet, same catalogue number as regular edition
Polydor 2371.029 Roberto Delgado And His Orchestra This Is Reggae
This Lp includes a great reggae version of Elizabethan Serenade as written by Ronald Binge
Polydor 2371.039 James Last Beachparty
Polydor 2371.044 Roberto Delgado Caramba 3
Polydor 2371.047 Max Greger Plays Glenn Miller
Polydor 2371.051 The Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan In The Beginning (circa 1960)
beatles In The beginning lp
Polydor 2371.071 James Last With Compliments
Polydor 2371.111 James Last Non Stop Dancing 11
Polydor 2371.133 James Last Happyning
Polydor 2371.141 James Last Non Stop Dancing 12
Polydor 2371.166 Roberto Delgado Samba Caramba South America Ole
Polydor 2371.188 James Last Beachparty 2
Polydor 2371.189 James Last Non Stop D ancing 1972
Polydor 2371.190 James Last Polka Party
Polydor 2371.196 Roberto Delgado Latin Flutes
Polydor 2371.204 Roberto Delgado South America Let’s Dance
Polydor 2371.268 James Last Music From Across The Way
Polydor 2371.373 James Last Happy Hammond
Polydor 2371.402 Max Greger In The Mood For Hits
Polydor 2371.405 James Last Christmas With James Last
Polydor 2371.444 James Last Non Stop Dancing 74
Polydor 2371.493 Roberto Delgado Bouzouki
Polydor 2371.497 James Last Non Stop Dancing 74 II
Polydor 2371.515 James Last Polka-Party III
Polydor 2371.520 James Last Violins In Love
Polydor 2371.544 Kai Warner Music-Box
Polydor 2371.545 Kurt Edelhagen Charleston
Polydor 2371.555 Randy Pie Randy Pie
Polydor 2371.573 Roberto Delgado Fiesta For Dancing
Polydor 2371.770 Max Greger Shall We Dance ?
Polydor 2371.786 James Last Non Stop Dancing 77/2
Polydor 2371.800 Roberto Delgado Caramba 2000
Polydor 2371.830 James Last Western Party And Square Dance
Polydor 2371.843 James Last My Favorite Songs
Polydor 2371.851 Roberto Delgado Hits A La Fiesta
Polydor 2371.947 Roberto Delgado Music Box Dancer
Polydor 2371.954 Roberto Delgado Roberto Delgado Meets Kalinka
Polydor 2372.026 Roberto Delgado Dancing Under Tropical Skies
Polydor 2372.051 James Last Roses From The South
Polydor 2372.095 Roberto Delgado Blue Tropical
Polydor 2383.021 Eric Clapton Eric Clapton
RCA pressing, 1970
Polydor 2383.025 Fat Matress Fat Matress II
Polydor 2383.076 Rory Gallagher Deuce
Polydor 2383.077 Julie Driscoll Julie Driscoll
Polydor 2383.080 Tin Tin Atsral Taxi
Gatefold, textured sleeve
Polydor 2383.101 Slade Alive!
Polydor 2383.120 Taste Live At The Isle Of Wight
Polydor 2383.139 Bee Gees To Whom It May Concern
Polydor 2383.163 Slade Slayed
Polydor 2383.189 Rory Gallagher Blueprint
Polydor 2383.237 Slade Sladest
Polydor 2383.261 Slade Old New Borrowed And Blue
Polydor 2383.277 Brian Auger featuring Julie Driscoll Genesis
Polydor 2383.315 Rory Gallagher Sinner … And Saint
Polydor 2383.377 Slade Nobody’s Fools
Polydor 2384.047 Fairport Convention
re-issue of first LP, new cover 1973
Polydor 2385.119 Cream Live Cream Vol. II
Polydor 2391.004 Arthur Feidler & Boston Pops Orchestra Encores (Feidler’s Greatest Hits)
Polydor 2391.013 Charlie Brown Portrait Of A Glad Man
Compo pressing, 1971
Polydor 2391.017 Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Polydor 2391.018 Stone The Crows Teenage Licks
Compo pressing
Polydor 2391.019 Cat Mother Cat Mother
Polydor 2391.020 Arthur Fiedler And The Boston Pops Play The Music Of Paul Simon
Polydor 2391.032 John Mayall Jazz Blues Fusion
Polydor 2391.040 Original Cast Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope
Polydor 2391.042 Roy Buchanan Roy Buchanan
Polydor 2391.061 Mandrill Composite Truth
Polydor 2393.001 Georges Moustaki Bobino ‘70
Polydor 2393.010 Serge Reggianni Serge Reggianni
2ble LP set
Polydor 2393.021 Melina Mercouri Melina Mercouri
Polydor 2393.095 Melina Mercouri En Triomphe A Athenes
Polydor 2414.029 James Last Party Dancing (Non Stop) Vol. 1
Polydor 2414.064 Roberto Delgado And His Orcehstra Acapulco Holiday
Polydor 2414.082 Robert Delgado Along Mexican Highway
Polydor Special 2418.040 Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Lightnin’ Hopkins Blues Is Life
Compo pressing
Polydor Special 2418.048 Various Orchestral - Slow
Part of a special dance series
Polydor Special 2418.049 Various Orchestral - Charleston
Part of a special dance series
Polydor Special 2418.050 Various Orchestral - Rumba.
Part of a special dance series
Polydor Special 2418.051 Various Orchestral - Tango
Compo pressing. Part of a special dance series
Polydor Special 2418.052 Various Orchestral - Waltz
Part of a special dance series
Polydor 2418.070 James Last Does His Thing
Gatefold Cover
Polydor 2419.009 Shocking Blue Shocking Blue
1967, pre “Venus” without girl singer
Polydor 2424.001 Life Life
Polydor 2424.002 Luc Et Lise Cousineau Luc Et Lise Cousineau
ex Les Alexandrins
Polydor 2424.013 Soundtrack The Minx
Polydor 2424.020 Five Man Electrical Band Goodbyes And Butterflies
includes Signs
Polydor 2424.022 The Bells Stay Awhile
Polydor 2424.027 The Osmonds Homemade
Gatefold, Compo pressing
Polydor 2424.028 Donny Osmond The Donny Osmond Album
Polydor 2424.034 Alan Stivell Reflets
Polydor 2424.035 The Bells Love, Luck N’Lollipops
Polydor 2424.036 Mireille Mathieu Sweet Souvenirs
Polydor 2424.037 Mireille Mathieu La Premiere Etoile
Polydor 2424.040 Mireille Mathieu Le Merveilleux Petite Monde De Mireille Mathieu
Polydor 2424 047 Five Man Electrical Band Coming Of Age
Polydor 2424.049 Mandrill Mandrill
1970, Gatefold cover
Polydor 2424.059 Mireille Mathieu Chante Francis Lai
Polydor 2424.068 Alan Stivell En Direct – Live – a L’Olympia De Paris
Polydor 2424.069 Alan Stivell Renaissance De La Harpe Celtic
Polydor 2424.070 The Osmonds Crazy Horses
Polydor 2424.071 Cliff Edwards Transition
Polydor 2424.085 Alan Stivell Chemin De Terre
Polydor 2424.086 Mireille Mathieu Disque D’Or
Polydor 2424.109 Monty Python’s Flying Circus Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Polydor 2424.135 Arthur Prysock All My Life
Polydor 2424.164 Mireille Mathieu Sentimentalement Votre
Polydor 2424.168 Rose Judgement Day
Polydor 2424.175 Saga Saga
Polydor 2424.190 Murray Head Between Us
Polydor 2424.201 Mireille Mathieu Romantiquement
Polydor 2424.211 Murray Head Voices
Polydor 2424.240 Kate And Anna McGarrigle Love Over And Over
Polydor 2425.009 J.B. Lenoir J.B. Lenoir
March 5, 1929 April 29, 1967. Compo press, non-gatefold, front sleeve logo John Mayall’s Number 1 Crusade Records
Polydor 2425.010 Amboy Dukes Marriage On The Rocks / Rock Bottom
June 1970
Polydor 2425.011 Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Polydor 2425.017 Stone The Crows Stone The Crows
June 1970
Polydor 2425.019 The Tony Williams Lifetime Turn It Over
Polydor 2425.020 John Mayall USA Union
Polydor 2425.022 Ten Wheel Drive Brief Replies
Polydor 2425.023 Area Code 615 Trip In The Country
Polydor 2425.029 Chris Farlowe And The Hill From Here To Mama Rosa
Polydor 2425.033 Ted Nugent And The Amboy Dukes Survival Of The Fittest Live
Compo pressing
Polydor 2425.036 Jake Holmes So Close, So Very Far To Go
Polydor 2425.042 Stone The Crows Ode To John Law
Polydor 2425.049 Mandrill Mandrill
Gatefold, Compo pressing, 1971
Polydor 2425.051 John Mayall Empty Rooms
June 1970
Polydor 2425.052 Charlie Brown Up From Georgia
June 1970
Polydor 2425.064 Lily Tomlin This Is A Recording (comedy)
Polydor 2425.065 Ten Wheel Drive Peculiar Friends
Polydor 2425.066 Hedge & Donna Evolution
Polydor 2425.070 The Tony Williams Lifetime Ego
Polydor 2425.085 John Mayall Memories
Polydor 2437.169 James Last Stereo Spectacular
Polydor 2442.109 Pink Fairies Never, Neverland
Polydor 2442.116 Slade Play It Loud
Polydor 2442.140 Barclay James Harvest Time Honoured Ghosts
Polydor 2447.008 Bee Gees Rare Precious And Beautiful Volume 2
Polydor 2473.097 Georges Moustaki Georges Moustaki
Polydor 2480.001 Various Artists Fascination
James Last, Kai Warner, etc.
Polydor 2480.002 Various Artists Dancing Time
James Last, Kai Warner, etc.
Polydor 2480.009 Thunderclap Newman Hollywood Dream
Polydor 2480.049 Richie Havens The Great Blind Degree
Polydor 2480.084 Chakachan Jungle Fever
Polydor 2480.372 Moxy Moxy II
Polydor 2480.460 Moxy Under The Light
Polydor 2482.045 Various Artists Happy Music
Gatefold Cover
Polydor 2482.408 James Brown Best Of James Brown – Volume 1
Polydor 2484.045 Various Artists The Sounds Of Silence
Polydor 2490.123 Mireille Mathieu Disque D’Or / 2
Polydor 2490.132 Moxy Moxy
Polydor 2495.001 Pete Colley Hits A La Hammond
Polydor 2495.004 The Easybeats Holding On
Polydor Special
Polydor 2625.005 Derek And The Dominos Layla
2 LP, gatefold, 1971
Polydor 2625.024 - - Recordings Featured In Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange
2 LPs, gatefold
Polydor 2630.031 James Last The Best Of Non Stop Dancing
3 LPs
Polydor 2630.051 James Last Super Non Stop Dancing
2 LP
Polydor 2662.001 Ginger Baker’s Air Force Ginger Baker’s Air Force
Polydor 2675.026 Mireille Mathieu En Concert Au Canada
Polydor 2675.032 James Brown Revolution Of The Mind
2bl LP
Polydor 2812.002 Various Rock, Soul, Blues Explosion
Polydor 2912.008 Donny Osmond Portrait Of Donny
includes 3 photos
Polydor Medium 2917.002 Sepp Schnaggelpuss Presents Everybody Happy !
Compo pressing
Polydor Medium 2917.008 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dynamic Sound
Polydor PD 5046 Roy Buchanan Second Album
Compo pressing, 1973
Polydor PD 5509 James Last Love Must Be The Reason
Polydor PD 5522 Rory Gallagher Blueprint
Polydor PD 6020 Roy Buchanan That’s What I’m Here For
RCA pressing, 1973
Polydor PD 6048 Roy Buchanan Live Stock
Polydor PDS 1 6404 James Last Paradiso

45 rpm singles

Note that early releases are Compo pressings unless noted as RCA press

Polydor 59 058 Cream I Feel Free / N.S.U.
RCA pressing, Distribution: Musimart Limited - Ltée, Montréal 8, Québec
Polydor 42-1030 The Who Substitute / Waltz For A Pig
Compo pressing. Distribution: Musimart Limited – Ltée, Montreal 8, Québec
Polydor 1088 Cream Strange Brew / Swalbr
Distribution: Musimart Limited

Distributed by Polydor Records (Canada) Limited

Serial Number Artist Title
Polydor 541.001 Cream Sunshine Of Your Love / SWALBR
Polydor 541.002 TBD - -
Polydor 541.003 Carnegy Hall The Bells Of San Francisco / Slightly Cracked
Polydor 541.004 TBD - -
Polydor 541.005 Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger Save Me (Part 1) / Save Me (Part 2)
RCA pressing, July 1968
Polydor 541.006 TBD - -
Polydor 541.007 Pete Lancaster And The Upsetters Stupidity / One Night
1968 ?
Polydor 541.008 Deep Purple Hush / One More Rainy Day
Polydor 541.009 Cream Anyone For Tennis / Pressed Rat And Warthog
Polydor 541.010 TBD - -
Polydor 541.011 James Last And His Orchestra Theme From Elvira Madigan / Mornings At Seven
Polydor 541.012 Arthur Brown Fire / Rest Cure
Polydor 541.013 TBD - -
Polydor 541.014 TBD - -
Polydor 541.015 TBD - -
Polydor 541.016 Cream White Room / Those Were The Days
Polydor 541.017 TBD - -
Polydor 541.018 Magic Lanterns Shame Shame / Baby, I Gotta Go Now
Polydor 541.019 TBD - -
Polydor 541.020 Deep Purple Kentucky Woman / Hard Road
Polydor 541.021 TBD - -
Polydor 541.022 Arthur Brown Nightmare / Music Man
RCA pressing
Polydor 541.023 TBD - -
Polydor 541.024 TBD - -
Polydor 541.025 The British Lion Orchestra Theme From Girl On A Motorcycle / The Girl On A Motorcycle
Polydor 541.026 TBD - -
Polydor 541.027 TBD - -
Polydor 541.028 TBD - -
Polydor 541.029 Cream Crossroads / Passing The Time
Polydor 541.030 Deep Purple River Deep - Mountain High / Listen, Learn, Read On
Polydor 541.031 TBD - -
Polydor 541.032 Traffic Pearly Queen / Medicated Goo
Polydor 541.033 The Incredibles Standing Here Crying
The Incredibles 45
Polydor 541.037 Deep Purple Emmaretta / The Bird Has Flown
Polydor 541.038 Cream Badge / What A Bringdown
Polydor 541.044 Golden Earring Its Alright But I Admit It Could Be Better /Songs Of A Devils ?
Polydor 541.049 Thunderclap Newman Something In The Air / Wilhelmina
Polydor 541.046 Cat Mother Good Old Rock ‘N Roll / Bad News
RCA pressing
Polydor 541.052 Deep Purple Hallelujah / April Part 1
Polydor 541.054 John Mayall Don’t Waste My Time / Don’t Pick A Flower
Polydor 541.055 Captain Milk Hey Jude / The Impossible Dream
Polydor 541.057 Gracious Beautiful / What A Lovely Rain
Polydor 541.060 Blind Faith In The Presence Of The Lord / Can’t Find My Way Home
Polydor 541.067 Marsha Hunt Desdemona / Hippy Gumbo
Masha Hunt 45
Polydor 541.068 Baker St. Philharmonic Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus / Tycho
ex Manfred Mann
Polydor 541.069 Easybeats St. Louis / Can’t Find Love
Polydor 541.073 Fairport Convention Genesis Hall / Si Tu Dois Partir
Polydor 541.513 Serge Regiani La Ballade des Pendus / TBD
Serge Regiani lp
Polydor 541.518 Georges Moustaki Le Métèque / TBD
moustaki lp
Polydor 2001.032 Sweet Rain Gonna Get Along With Ya Now / TBD
Sweet Rain lp
Polydor 2001.161 Richie Havens Here Comes The Sun / TBD
Havens lp
Rare Canadian picture sleeve
Polydor 2001.172 Derek And The Dominos Layla / I Am Yours
both sides are MONO
Polydor 2058.015 Ginger Baker’s Air Force Man Of Constant Sorrow / Doin’ It
Polydor 2065.027 Jade & Pepper Coffee Toffee Squares / TBD
Jade And Pepper
Polydor 2065.110 Vos Voisins Voisins (mon chum) / Y'a Juste De T'Ça
Vos Voisins Mon Chum
This is the promotional pressing. This progressive band was quite popular but stayed fairly underground. The cover of their LP was banned and was replaced by a new "cleaner" image.
Polydor 2094.001 Thunderclap Newman Accidents / I See It All
Polydor 1082 The Ganter Kallman Chorus Chanson D'amour / TBD
moustaki lp

Other labels distributed by Polydor

Blue Thumb

33 RPM discs

Blue Thumb BTS 1 Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band Strictly Personal
Blue Thumb BTS 4 Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation
Blue Thumb BTS 6 Aynsley Dunbar Doctor Dunbar’s Prescription
Blue Thumb BTS 11 Ike & Tina Turner The Hunter
Blue Thumb BTS 13 Southwind Ready To Ride
Blue Thumb BTS 19 Dave Mason Alone Together

45 RPM discs

BLU 104 Ike & Tina Turner Bold Soul Sister / I Know
Ike & Tina Turner Blue Thumb 45


Marmalade 608.001 Blossom Toes TBD
Marmalade 608.002 Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger Open
Marmalade 608.003 Brian Auger & The Trinity Definitely What
Marmalade 608.004 TBD - -
Marmalade 608.005/6 Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity Streetnoise (g/f)


Probe CPLP 4500 Soft Machine Soft Machine
Moving parts cover
Probe CPLP 4501 Mystic Number National Bank
Probe CPLP 4502 TBD - -
Probe CPLP 4503 TBD - -
Probe CPLP 4505 Soft Machine Volume Two
Probe CPLP 4506 Saint Steven TBD
Probe CPLP 4514 Rare Bird Rare Bird
Probe ??? Van Der Graaf Generator ? TBD


Polydor / ABC ABCS-716 Rare Bird As Your Mind Flies By
Polydor / ABC ABCS-725 B.B. King Back In The Alley


Polydor / Bluesway BLS-6030 The Outlaw Blues Band Breaking In


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