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Early Capitol of Canada Records (London years)

1949 - 1954

Compiled by Serge Pelletier from Piers Hemmingsen's archive catalogs

As seen in the First Capitol Record article, Capitol USA tried to reach the Canadian market in 1947, hiring Canadian employee Ken Kerr out of London Ontario to run things over here. Even though the company was registered, due to governmental restrictions, the project was put aside for almost two years during which Capitol had to subcontract the record pressing and distribution of the US catalog to Musicana Records, a company for which Ken Kerr's associate was previoulsy working.

In 1949, Capitol Records of Canada was finally up and running in London Ontario, pressing a Canadian catalog on 78 RPM discs at first, but soon after around 1950, staring to also press 45 RPMs and LPs. The venture was so successful that at the end of the intial 5 year contract in 1954, Capitol decided not to renew the contract and make "Capitol Of Canada" a fully owned Canadian subsidiary. Operations quickly moved to Toronto with new branches in Montréal and Vancouver.

This list covers discs from its very first Capitol records pressed in Canada, to the end of the London era, from 1949 to 1954.

Musicana Era /// 1947-1949

This era is still unclear as to which Capitol records were pressed but it is believed that best selling hits from the USA catalog were simply pressed and distributed by Musicana Records under its blue label until Regal Records started pressing and distributing a unique Canadian catalog for Capitol on its well known purple Capitol label. More info on this would be greaty appreciated.

musicana label

London (Ontario) Era /// 1949 - 1954

The new Capitol of Canada Plant in London Ontario finally pressed its first Capitol 78 RPM disc:
# 78-101 Gordon Macrae 24 hours of sunshine / Wedding of Lili Marlene.

The first Capitol catalog from London, Ontario, list records up to 78-150, but more records were issued beyond the first 50. In fact, between 1949 and 1954, Capitol issued records with a unique Canadian number from 101 to 1454, after which Capitol followed the US numbering system that just started in the 3000s. For example, 78-101 was attributed the number 711 in the USA.
The Numbering system "78 XXX" is also catalogued as "C XXX"; records started to show the C-prefix at some point down the line.

78 rpm discs /// 78-XXX series

Serial Number Artist Title
78-101 Gordon Macrae Twenty-Four Hours Of Sunshine / The Wedding Of Lili Marlene
The very first record pressed and distributed by Capitol Records Canada
first capitol record
78-102 Andy Parker and the Plainsmen By The Light of The Altar Candles / Whippoorwill Waltz
78-103 Woody Herman The Crickets / More Moon
78-104 Kay Starr I Wish I Had A Wishbone / There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes
78-105 The Jubilaires Mene Mene Teckel / Somebody Broke My Dolly
78-106 Tex Williams Ham 'n Eggs / Cowpuncher's Waltz
78-107 Betty Hutton Hamlet / That's Loyalty
78-108 The Weidler Brothers The Jolka Polka / The Schnitzelbank Polka
78-109 Peggy Lee Neon Signs / Through A Long And Sleepless Night
78-110 King Cole Trio Your Voice / I Get Sentimental Over Nothing
78-111 Freddie Slack Whatever Happened To Ol' Jack / On The Road To Mandolin
78-112 Art Van Damme Quintet Limehouse Blues / Exctasy
78-113 Margaret Whiting Dime A Dozen / Whirlwind
78-114 Joe Stafford The Last Mile Home / Ragtime Cowboy Joe
78-115 Jan Garber Making Love Ukulele Style / Catalina Bounce
78-116 Red Ingle A Yore A Dopey Gal / Two Dollar Pistol
78-117 Gordon Macrae & Jo Stafford Whispering Hope / A Thought In My Heart
78-118 King Cole Trio Land Of Love / Yes Sire That's My Baby
78-119 Kay Starr You Gotta Buy, Buy Buy For Baby / Break It To Me Gently
78-120 Woody Herman Tenderly / Jamaica Rhumba
78-121 Ray Anthony My Baby Missed The Train / Slider
78-122 Red Ingle / Joe Stafford Timtayshun (Temptations) / Ciargeets, Whuskey and Wild Wild Women
Numbered C 122. the numbering system had changed, or, having recorded sales of around 3 000 000 copies in the USA, this could also be a reissue of the originally numbered 78 122 disc. This single was originally released in 1948 in the USA.
 capitol record
78-123 Pee Wee Hunt Twelfth Street Rag / Somebody Else Not me
78-124 Stan Kenton Artistry In Rhythmes / Artistry Jumps
78-125 Stan Kenton And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine / Tampico
78-126 Mel Torme The Meadows Of Heaven / Sonny Boy
78-127 Gordon Macrae I Want You To Want Me To Want You / Wonderful One
78-128 Margaret Whiting It's A Most Unusual Day / St. Louis Blues
78-129 Paul Weston Lingering Down The Lane / I Know, I Know, I Know
78-130 Dean Martin Vieni Su / That Lucky Old Sun
78-131 Benny Strong I Never See Maggie Alone / When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
78-132 Tex Ritter Cool Water / You Are My Sunshine
78-133 Stan Kenton Intermission Riff / Minor Riff
78-134 Stan Kenton Eager Beaver / Harlem Folk Dance
78-135 Sammy Davis Jr Can't You See I've Got The Blues / Be Bop Beguine
78-136 Andy Parker And The Plainsmen Wagon Wheel / Red River Valley
78-137 Pete Daily's Chicagoans South / She Looks Like Helen Brown
78-138 Paul Weston Do You Ever Think Of Me / Double Datin'
78-139 Jan Garber Stompin' At The Savoy / Stardust
78-140 Benny Strong Stumbling / The Sheik Of Araby
78-141 Ray Anthony Yesterdays / House Party
78-142 Skitch Henderson Dancing With A Deb / Dreamland Rendezvous
78-143 Benny Goodman There's A Small Hotel / Blue Lou
78-144 Charlie Barnet Portrait Of Edward Kennedy Ellington parts 1 and 2
78-145 Chuck Thomas My Gee Gee From The Fiji Isles / Rose Of The Rio Grande
78-146 Stan Kenton Concerto To End All Concertos Parts 1 and 2
78-147 Stan Kenton Artistry In Boogie / Machito
78-148 Stan Kenton Painted Ryhtm / Southern Scandal
78-149 Stan Kenton Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' / Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me
78-150 Stan Kenton His Feet's Too Big For De Bed / Down In Chi-Hua-Hua
78-151 Benny Goodman Chicago / Back In Your Own Back Yard

78 rpm discs /// Capitol Childrens Records 1949

These releases have been confirmed from the Capitol Calatlog listing, maybe only these US titles have been issued in Canada at the time, or maybe other titles do also exist.

Serial Number Artist Title
BBX 34 Bozo Bozo At The Circus
 capitol record
CC 64 Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny Album
BC 66 Sparky Sparky And The Talking Train
CD 11 Fairy Tales Puss In Boots
CD 33 Fairy Tales Hansel And Gretel

Numbers 100 200 and 300 /// From 1951 and later

45 rpm discs (F),
78 rpm discs (starting with a C),
33rpm discs (P and H series)

If we follow the logic of the Capitol numbering system well known for later releases, it would be safe to assume that it was already in place by the time these early albums were released. Therefore, the second letter in the prefix for 78s and 45s would indicated the number of discs in the set (A=1 disc, B=2 and so on). For example, CD / CDF 244, Voices of the Xtabay has "D" for the second letter and has 4 discs in the set. CC numbers would then be 3 disc sets.

Serial Number Artist Title
H 172 Stan Kenton and his Orchestra A Presentation of Progressive Jazz
33 rpm disc.
early record
CCF 174 Paul Weston Orchestra Paul Weston Conducts
Three 45 rpm disc set.
H 178 Art Van Damme Quintet Cocktail Cappers
early record
CC 217 Lucille Norman The Vagabond King
Three 78 rpm disc set. Also avalable on the 33 rpm LP album (P219)
CC 218 Gordon macrae New Moon
Three 78 rpm disc set. Also avalable on the 33 rpm LP album (P219)
P 219 Lucille Normand and Gordon Macrae The Vagabond King & New Moon
12 inch 33 rpm LP album - compilation of the previous two 78 rpm disc sets (217 / 218)
CC / H 243 Eddie Grant Fancy FIngers
Available as a three 78 rpm disc set and as a 33 rpm LP album
CD / CDF / H 244 Yma Sumac Voice Of The Xtabay
This is an album that was available in three formats: 78 RPM discs (CD prefix), 45 RPM discs (CDF prefix) (pictured here) and as a 33 RPM album (H prefix). The 78s and 45s are made as a 4 disc set. Below are the 45 set and the ten inch LP with the brown leather cover.
early record
CCF 245 Paul Weston's Orchestra Music For The Fireside
3 disc 45 rpm set.
CC / CCF / H 247 Jo Stafford and Gordon Macrae Sunday Evening Songs
Available in 3 formats: 78 rpm (CC), 45 rpm (CCF) and 33 rpm (H). The 78s and 45s were availabe as a 3 disc set.
KCF 248 Stan Kenton's Orchestra Stan Kenton Presents
3 disc 45 rpm set.
KCF 250 Max Steiner Music By Max Steiner
3 disc 45 rpm set. This disc (with the next disc KCF 251) was also available on a 33 rpm album number P 255
KCF 251 Conducted by Georges Tzipine Familiar Themes From Tchaikovsky
3 disc 45 rpm set. This disc (with the previous disc KCF 250) was also available on a 33 rpm album number P 255
KCF 253 TBD Bozo's Cricus Band
3 disc 45 rpm set.
P 255 Max Steiner and Georges Tzipine Music By Max Steiner & Familiar Themes From Tchaikovsky.
This album is simply the records numbered KCF 250 / 251 featured on the same 33 rpm disc.
H 300 Art Van Damme Quintet More Cocktail Capers
early record
L 329 Billy May Big Band Mash
early record
L 349 Billy May A Band Is Born
early record

Numbers 400, 500, 600 /// From the 1951 catalog

78 rpm discs (C and 7C series)
45 rpm discs (F series)

F and C series sold for 0.85$ while 7C series were sold 1.00$

Serial Number Artist Title
N 408 Art tatum Trio The Art Tatum Trio
early record
(C) F 473 Eddie Grant Goodnight Irene / Bonaparte's Retreat
Hammond Organ
(C) F 483 Buddy Cole La Vie En Rose / La Vie En Rose
Hammond Organ
C 489 Eddie Kirk Puppy Love / Somebody's Crying
78 rpm only. Western and Folk
EAP 491 Lennie Tristano Classics In Jazz
This is an EP
early record
C 493 Tex Ritter Coal Smoke Valvel Oil and Steam / Nobody's Fool
78 rpm only. Western and Folk
C 498 Hank Thompson and His Brazoz Valley Boys Humpty Dumpty Boogie / Daddy Blues
78 rpm only. Western and Folk
EAP 1-500 Nat King Cole Songs By Nat King Cole
early record
(C) F 505 Ray Anthony And His Orchestra Marshmallow World / Where Do I Go From You
(C) F 507 Jan Garber And His Orchestra (Dance To THe Music Of) The Ocarina / I Still Miss You
(C) F 508 Margaret Whiting The Best Thing For You / I've Never been In Love Before
(C) F 510 Woody Herman And His Orchestra When It Rains It Pours / Starlight Souvenir
(C) F 511 Yogi Yorgesson My Little Old Shack / Someone Spiked The Punch At Lena's Wedding
(C) F 513 Steve Adamczyk And His Hungry Five I Am A Musician / At The Brook
Western and Folk
(C) F 514 Tex Ritter Daddy's Last Letter / Onward Christian Soldiers
Western and Folk
(C) F 515 Frank Devol And His Orchetra Jin-A-Ling, Jing-A-Ling / Sweethearts On Parade
(C) F 516 Jo Stafford Autumn Leaves / Autumn In New York
(C) F 517 Ray Anthony And His Orchestra My Heart Is Out Of Town / Harlem Nocturne
(C) F 518 Paul Weston And His Orchestra Autumn Leaves / No Other Love
(C) F 520 Stan Kenton And His Orchestra Love For Sale / Be Easy Be Tender
(C) F 521 Jimmy Wakely Pot O' Gold / Bandera Waltz
Western and Folk
C 522 Mel Torme I Owe A Kiss To A Girl In Iowa / Say No More
78 rpm only
C 524 Peggy Lee Once In A Lifetime / Life Is So Peculiar
78 rpm only
(C) F 526 Margaret Whiting And Jimmy Wakely A Bushel And A Peck / Beyond The Reef
C 527 Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan I've Got The Craziest Feeling / A Load Of Trouble
78 rpm only. Western and Folk.
C 528 Johnny Parker Can't Seem To Laugh Anymore / Never Again
78 rpm only
C 529 Tennessee Ernie, Eddie Kirk With Cliffie Stone's Band Little Juan Pedro / Bryant's Boogie
78 rpm only. Western and Folk.
(C) F 531 Maynard Ferguson And His Orchestra Band Ain't Draggin' / Love LOcked Out
(C) F 532 Nat King Cole And His Trio Time Out Of Tears / Get To Gettin'
(C) F 533 Woody Herman And His Orchestra Johannesburg / The Nearness Of You
(C) F 535 Kay Starr Oh Babe / Everybody's Somebody's Fool
(C) F 536 Stan Kenton And His Orchestra Viva Prado / I'm So In The Mood
(C) F 537 Ray Anthony And His Orchestra Autumn Leaves / Mr Anthony's Boogie
(C) F 538 The Art Van Damme Quintette The Touch Of Your Lips /
C 539 Mickey Katz And His Orchestra Geshray of DeVilde Kotchke / Bagle Call Rag
78 rpm only
(C) F 541 Gordon Macrae Use Your Imagination / I Am Loved
(C) F 542 Mel Torme Skylark / Lullaby Of The Leaves
C543 Jan Garber And His Orchestra (I've Got A) Humpty Dunmpty Heart / I've Been Waiting Too Long
78 rpm only
C 544 Tennessee Ernie The Shot Gun Boogie / I Ain't Gonna Let It Happen No More
78 rpm only. Western and folk
C 545 Jess Willard If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time / Little Shoes
78 rpm only. Western and folk
(C) F 548 Eddie Grant The Petite Waltz / Beyond The Reef
Hammond Organ
(C) F 549 Frank Devol And His Orchestra The One-Finger melody / You Can Carry me
(C) F 550 Peggy Lee Ay Ay Chug A Chug / Where Are You?
C 551 Les Baxter, His Orchestra And Chorus Tambarina / Somewhere, Somehow, Someday
78 rpm only
(C) F 552 Chuy Reyes And His Orchestra Oink, Oink, Mambo / Mocambo Mambo
C 553 Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan R F D Blues / I'll Make Believe
78 rpm only. Western and Folk
(C) F 554 Jo Stafford and Gordon Macrae To Think I've Chosen you / Hold Me, Hold Me
(C) F 555 Margaret Whiting Once You Find Your Guy / A Man Ain't Nothin' But A Wolf
(C) F 556 Ray Anthony And His Orchestra The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful / All Anthony And No Cleopatra
(C) F 557 Jo Stafford It Was So Beautiful / Love Is A Masquerade
C 558 Chuy Reyes And His Orchstra Blen! Blen! Blen! / La Ultima Noche
78 rpm only
(C) F 559 Joe "Fingers" Carr And The Carr-Hops The Lovebig Itch / Rocky's Rag
(C) F 560 Les Paul Tennessee Waltz / Little Rock Gateway
early record
(C) F 561 Gordon Macrae You Dyed Your Hair Chartreuse / Honky Tonk Ten Cent Dance
C 563 Leon Payne Because you Love me / My Daddy
78 rpm only. Western and Folk
C 564 Ramblin'Jimmie Dolan Hot Rod Race / Walkin' The Blues
78 rpm only. Western and Folk
C 565 Hank Thompson A Broken Heart And A Glass Of beer / If I Cry
78 rpm only. Western and Folk
(C) F 566 Jimmy Wakely My Heart Cries For You / Music By The Angels
(C) F 567 Mel Blanc The Woody Woodpecker Polka /Trixie the Piano Playing Pixie
(C) F 568 Art Van Damme Quintette Hawaiian War Chant / This Can't Be Love
C 569 Jimmie Skinner There's Nothin' About You Special / It's My World
78 rpm only. Western and Folk
(C) F 570 Frank Devol Teardrops From My Eyes / It's A Lonesome Old Town
(C) F 571 Dean Martin If / I Love the Way You Say Goodnight
(C) F 572 Margaret Whiting Over And Over And Over / The Moon Was Yellow
(C) F 574 Harry Owens And His Royal Hawaiians SOng Of The Sunset / Menehune Lullaby
(C) F 575 Tennesse Ernie and Joe "fingers" Carr Tailor Made Woman / Stack-O-Lee
Western and Folk
(C) F 576 Satn Freberg John And Marsha / Ragtime Dan
(C) F 577 Kay Starr Lovesick Blues / Evenin'
(C) F 578 Dean Martin You And Your Beautiful Eyes / Tonda Wanda Hoy
C 579 Frank Devol Seven WOnders Of The World / Lullaby Of Broadway
78 rpm only
(C) F 580 Mel Blanc I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat / Yosemite Sam
(C) F 581 Ray Anthony And His Orchestra Be My Love / I Wonder What's Become Of Sally
(C) F 582 Nat 'King' Cole Jet / The Magic Tree
C 583 Peggy Lee with David Barbour's Orchestra Climb Up The Moutain / The Mill On The Floss
78 rpm only
(C) F 584 Ray anthony And His Orchestra More Than I Care To Remember / Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean
C 585 Helen O'Connell with Dave Cavanaugh's Orchestra Would I Love You / Gypsy Heart
78 rpm only
(C) F 586 Pete Daily's Chicagoans Johnson's Rag / Louis-i-an-ia
C 587 Ramblin' Jimmmie Dolan Lost Love Blues / Many's The Time
7C 588 Miles Davis And His Orchestra Venus De Milo / Daen That Dream
78 rpm only. Secial Jazz Series
7C 589 Charlie Barnet And His Orchestra Really? / Claude Reigns
78 rpm only. Secial Jazz Series
7C 590 Lennie Tristano And His Sextette Intuition / Yesterdays
78 rpm only. Secial Jazz Series
7C 591 Coleman Hawkins' Orchestra Stuffy / It's The Talk Of The Town
78 rpm only. Secial Jazz Series
7C 592 Nappy Lamare's Loungers South Rampart Street Parade / Come Back Sweet Papa
78 rpm only. Secial Jazz Series
7C 593 The Hollywood Hucksters I Apologize / Happy Blues
78 rpm only. Secial Jazz Series
7C 594 Benny Carter And His Orchestra I Surrender Dear / Malibu
78 rpm only. Secial Jazz Series
7C 595 Stan Kenton And His Orchestra Pagliacci / Santa Lucia
78 rpm only. Secial Jazz Series
(C) F 596 Gordon Macrae Love Means Love / Wait For Me
78 rpm only
C 597 Jan Garber Velvet Lips / Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again
78 rpm only
C 598 Dr Hoffman And The Theremin Moonlight Sonata / The Swan
78 rpm only
C 599 Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys New Rovin' Gambler / Playin' Possum
78 rpm only. Western And Folk
(C) F 600 Jan Garber And His Orchestra If I Were A Bell / Nobody's Chasing Me
(C) F 601 Les Baxter, Orch. & Chorus So Long (It's Been Good To Know Yuh) / The Roving Kind
(C) F 602 Les Paul And Mary Ford Mocking Bird Hill / Chicken Reel
 capitol record
(C) F 603 Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely Let's Go To Church (Next Sunday Morning) / Easter Parade
C 604 Mel Torme Around The world / The Sidewalk Sufflers
78 rpm only
C 605 Jan Garber And Orchestra In Your Arms / If It Hadn't Been For You
78 rpm only
(C) F 606 Jerry Lewis The Navy Gets The Gravy But The army Gets The Beans / Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa Polka
C 607 Sugar Chile Robinson Broken-down Paino / I'll Eat My Spinach
78 rpm only
(C) F 608 Tex Ritter You're Always Brand New / My Bucket's Been Fixed
Western And Folk
C 609 Les Baxter When You Return / Zing Zing Zoom Zoom
78 rpm only
(C) F 610 Jimmy Wakely Beautiful Brown Eyes /At The Close Of A Long Long Day
Western And Folk
(C) F 611 Charlie Barnett Theme From "Cynthia" / (I'm A Dreamer) Aren'T We All
(C) F 612 Tex Wiliams Tulsa Trot / She Didn't Even Kiss Me Goodbye
(C) F 613 Margaret Whiting With Frank Devol's Orchestra Faithful / Lonesome Gal
C 614 Clark Dennis Tell Me You Love Me / Let Me Look At You
78 rpm only
(C) F 615 Nat 'King' Cole Always You / Destination Moon
C 616 Mel Torme You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me / Sailin' AwayOn The Henry Clay
78 rpm only
(C) F 617 Buddy Cole Somebody Stole My Gal / Tilin' Tiin'
Hammond Organ
C 618 Leon Payne If I Could Only Live My Life Over / I DOn't Know Why
78 rpm only
C 619 Joe "Fingers" Carr and Dottie O'Brien If You Want Some Lovin' / The Chicken Song
78 rpm only
(C) F 620 Frank Devol And Orchestra Chiribiribin On The Mandolin / Chapel Of The Roses
(C) F 621 Helen O'Connell The Loveliest Night Of The Year / Arthur Murray Tought Me Dancing In A Hurry
(C) F 622 Yorgi Yorgesson Cookies, Pie And Cake / Vot Skall We Do?
(C) F 623 Margaret Whiting With Frank Dovel's Orchestra You Are The One / Sing you Sinners
(C) F 624 Pee Wee Hunt And Orchestra Sugar Blues / Carolina In The Morning
C 625 Mickey Katz Gehakte Mambo / Chiny Town
78 rpm only
C 626 Nellie Lutcher Pa's Not Home-Ma's Upstairs / I Really Couldn't Love You
78 rpm only
C 627 Ramblin' Jimmy Dolan Wine, Women and Pink Elelphants / I Always Play A Losin' Hand
78 rpm only
(C) F 628 Peggy Lee Yeah Yeah Yeah / Rock Me To Sleep
C 639 Les Paul Walkin' And Whistlin' Blues / TBD
early record
C 628 Jack Kingston Yodeling Cowboy / TBD
early record

33 rpm LPs /// popular music series

Serial Number Artist Title
N 825 Bud Freeman Classics In Jazz
early record
6501 Bob Cooper Kenton Jazz Present
early record

33 rpm LPs /// Classical music series

Serial Number Artist Title
L 8231 Marcel Mule Ibert Concertino Da Camera / Debussy Rhapsodie for Saxophone
early record


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