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- - The Beatles Beatles Forever Series
In 1972, Capitol of Canada began the reissue of almost all of the Beatles singles on their new orange label, for the occasion, they prepared a series called "Beatles Forever" for which they crafted a special sleeve showing a montage of the 4 Beatles' Let It Be heads over a white t-shirt with a Union Jack. All the singles had this same front sleeve, but the specific titles were written on the back, making a different sleeve for every single issued.

Some of these special sleeves also feature left overs of the previous target label; for example, Can't Buy me Love / You Can't Do That is confirmed to have been sold as a red target in a Beatles Forever sleeve.

One interesting record from the series is This Boy / All My Loving as this Canadian reissue record was the first worldwide stereo release of the song This Boy!

 Canadian Beatles Forever Series
4274 The Beatles Got To Get You Into My Life / Helter Skelter
The single was released as part of the Beatles Forever series on the orange label with black perimeter print. Some versions may have been sold with an imported picture sleeve.
 Got To Get You Into My Life Canadian 45
6066 The Beatles Kansas City / Boys
1976, Tan Reissue Starline single and target logo. This was released with a sleeve from the "Beatles Forever" series.
 Kansas City Beige Starline Canadian 45
X 6282 The Beatles I'll Cry Instead / I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
1980s, Tan Reissue Starline single with later starline logo on tan label. On the right, earlier issue with the oval Capitol logo.
 I'll Cry Instead Beuge Starline Canadian 45
X 6284 The Beatles Matchbox / Slow Down
1978, Tan Reissue Starline single with oval logo, starline at the top
 Matchbox Beige Starline Canadian 45
X 6286 The Beatles I Feel Fine / She's A Woman
1978, Tan Reissue Starline single with later starline logo and older logo on slightly more olive label.
 I Feel Fine Beige Starline Canadian 45
8506 The Beatles Obladi Oblada / Julia
November 1976, White label promo. This record is Mono.
 Obladi Oblada Canadian promo 45
4347 The Beatles Obladi Oblada / Julia
November 1976, Numbered imported white picture sleeve from the USA.
 Obladi Oblada Canadian 45
PRO 8901 The Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / A Day In The Life
The white label promo.
 Sgt Pepper's Canadian Promo 45
4612 The Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / A Day In The Life
1978, Featured a clean intro to A Day In The Life. Purple label
 lSgt Pepper's Canadian 45p
72144 The Beatles All My Loving / This Boy
1980. This stereo reissue had a picture sleeve unique to Canada. Retro Rianbow Label.
 All My Loving Retro Rainbow Canadian 45
B 5100 The Beatles Movie Medley / Fab Four On Film
1982, Promo white label pressing. Some copies were housed in a special imported sleeve.
 Fab 4 On Film Canadian Promo 45
B 5107 The Beatles Movie Medley / I'm Happy Just To Dance with You
1982, Custom label with a picture sleeve.
 Beatles Movie Medley Canadian 45
B 5189 The Beatles Love Me Do / PS I Love You
November 1982 Reissue of the single on a different catalogue number for the "20 Greatest Hits" album, retro swirl label. The 45 has been later reissued around 1983 on the retro rainbow label.
 Love Me Do 1982 Reissue Canadian 45
5112 The Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand / I Saw Her Standing There
1982 Reissue single on retro swirl label. This singles has been issued before the 20th anniversary single from the USA, and was instead issued to coincide with the 20 Greatest Hits LP. In Canada the single was not reissued with the "no cigarette" picture sleeve as it was in the USA, instead it was sold in a generic mylar checkered Capitol sleeve. NOTE: The 1994 30th anniversary single was not issued here in Canada.
 I Want To Hold Your Hand 1984 Reissue Canadian 45
B 73015 The Beatles A Hard Day's Night /Things We Said Today
1986, Retro rainbow, with a special picture sleeve. This is a unique Canadian Capitol issue as it was not released in the USA. This single is interesting as it is the last Beatles 45 issued in this series!
 A Hard Day's Night Reissue 1986 Canadian 45
NR 8 583481 The Beatles Baby It's You
This EP was released in 1994 for the Live At The BBC album; released as a CD EP and a Cassingle in Canada, it was imported from the USA on the 7 inch vinyl format.
 Baby It's You US 45
- - The Beatles Free As A Bird & Real Love
These 2 singles were not made in Canada and were instead imported form the USA and the UK.
(see the IMPORT page for details)
- - The Beatles A Fly On The Wall
This single was included with the album " Let It Be Naked" and features an overview of the studio sessions for the recording of the album. Made as a CD in Canada (included with the album) and as a 7 inch single that was only available in the imported LP set. Here is The Canadian CD and the imnported 7 inch.
 US 45A FLy On The Wall UK 45
BBCLPEP The Beatles On Air - The Beatles Live At The BBC vol. 2
This promo EP was sent to radio stations in early November 2013, and copies were given to lucky HMV clients who bought the new album on the day of release. No stock copies intended for retail were made. The Oxford HMV store in London gave away 300 copies, while Canadian stores who were lucky enough to receive copies got around 10-15 copies to give away. Records were pressed and imported from the EU.

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