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The Canadian Capitol «STUDIO TWO» Label


Compiled by Piers A. Hemmingsen.

NOTE: To view the British Studio 2 discography and compare to the Canadian list, simply click the PDF file below: Studio Two UK discograpy PDF

NOTE: All of these LPs were recorded at Abbey Road Studio Two.
These LPs were shrink-wrapped and came with custom, bilingual paper inner sleeves with notes about (and a drawing of) the famous Studio Two.

These LPs were released at the same time in England on EMI’s Columbia label. These LPs were not issued by Capitol in the USA.

Serial Number Artist Title
STAW 15001 Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains Exotica
July 1966
STAW 15002 David Barlow Presents The Mortier Dance Hall Organ TBD
July 1966
STAW 15003 Garry Blake And His Music Sounds Like Swingin’
July 1966
STAW 15004 TBD - -
STAW 15005 TBD - -
STAW 15006 The Mike Sammes Singers Sounds Sensational
July 1966
STAW 15007 Sam Fonteyn Big Band Spectacular
STAW 15008 The Massed Bands Of B.M.C., Fairey, Fodens
Conducted By Harry Mortimer
Sousa The Great
July 1966
STAW 15009 The Johnny Scott Orchestra London Swings
STAW 15010 Pepe Jaramillo And His Latin American Rhythm The Continental World Of Pepe Jaramillo
July 1966
STAW 15011 Judd Solo And The Italiano Quartetto Mediterranean Perspective
STAW 15012 The Combined Bands Of Fairey, Fodens, and B.M.C.
(Morris Motors) Conducted By Sir Malcolm Sargent
Men O’ Brass
September 1966
STAW 15013 Howard Blake And His Combo Hammond In Percussion
July 1966
STAW 15014 Franck Pourcel Strings With A Beat
STAW 15015 The Band Of The Irish Guards Marching With The Beatles
6000 lp
STAW 15016 Michael And David With The Continental Strings The Mood Is Misty
STAW 15017 TBD - -
STAW 15018 Frank Barber Percussion Ensemble Swingin’ Percussion
(S)TAW 15019 Franck Pourcel Born Free
Available in both STERO and MONO
STAW 15020 David Snell Harp And Soul
STAW 15021 The Metropolitan Police Band The Boys In Blue
STAW 15022 Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains Somewhere My Love
STAW 15023 Garry Blake And His Music More Sounds Like Swinging
STAW 15024 Paul Windsor Classics With A Beat
November 1966
STAW 15025 Silvestri Conducts The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra 1812 Overture
STAW 15026 Harry Mortimer And His All Star Brass Brass On The March
January 1967. Played By The Grand Massed Bands (of B.M.C., Fairey, Fodens)
(S)TAW 15027 Vera Lynn More Hits Of The Blitz
May 1967. Available in both STERO and MONO
STAW 15028 Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra Adventure !
November 1966
STAW 15029 TBD - -
STAW 15030 Russ Conway Concerto For Memories
STAW 15031 Adriano & His Magic Accordions The Last Time I Saw Paris
STAW 15032 TBD - -
STAW 15033 The Big Ben Hawaiian Band A Taste Of Hawaii
STAW 15034 Semprini Plays Favourite Melodies
STAW 15035 G. U. S. (Footwear) Band Kings Of Brass
July 1967
STAW 15036 Norrie Paramor & The Shadows Latin Shadows
STAW 15037 TBD - -
STAW 15038 Tony Evans’ Golden Brass And Satin Voices Music Through Midnight
STAW 15039 The Mood Mosaic Featuring The Ladybirds Mood Mosaic
Contains the great classic instrumental track «A Touch Of Velvet - A Sting Of Brass»
STAW 15040 The Mike Sammes Singers Somebody Thinking Of You Tonight
STAW TBD Kenny Clare & Ronnie Stephenson Drum Spectacular


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