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The Canadian PAGE ONE Discography

Compiled by Piers A. Hemmingsen with help from John Puffer and Chris Probert

Page One discs were distributed in Canada by London Records of Canada Limited. The discs were pressed by Compo.

33 RPM LPs

Serial Number Artist Title
Page One POS 2501 Larry Page Orchestra Page Full Of Hits
Stereo, 1969
Page One POS 2501 Larry Page Orchestra Presenting The Larry Page Orchestra (TBD)
Page One POS 2502 Vanity Fare Early In The Morning
Stereo, 1970

45 PRM singles

NOTE: Each single was issued in a white custom Page One paper company sleeve that carried English text on the bottom of one side as “Distributed by London Records of Canada, Ltd.” and French text on the bottom of the other side as “Distribuees par London Records of Canada, Ltd.”

Serial Number Artist Title
PO.1001 The Troggs You Can Cry If You Want To / There’s Something About You
PO.1002 Seth Martin Another Day Goes By / Look At Me
PO.1003 The Mirage Mystery Lady / Chicago Cottage
PO.1004 TBD - -
PO.1005 Vanity Fare I Live For The Sun / On The Other Side Of Life
PO.1006 TBD - -
PO.1007 The Troggs Surprise Surprise (I Need You) / Cousin Jane
PO.1008 TBD - -
PO.1009 TBD - -
PO.1010 TBD - -
PO.1011 Brian Keith When The First Tear Shows / When My Baby Smiles At Me
December 2, 1968
PO.1012 The Globe Show Ob La Di - Ob La Da / Tin Soldier
A-side is Beatles tune, B-side is the Small Faces song written by Marriott-Lane
PO.1013 Vanity Fare Highway Of Dreams / Waiting For The Nightfall
London, 1969
PO.1014 TBD - -
PO.1015 The Larry Page Orchestra Wichita Lineman / TBD
PO.1016 Ronnie Bond Anything For You / Carolyn
PO.1017 TBD - -
PO.1018 The Mike Lorrayne Orchestra And Chorus Boom Bang-A-Bang / Something Happened To Me
PO.1019 Lace I'm A Gambler / Go Away
Both sides written by Pete Dello
PO.1020 Vanity Fare Early In The Morning / You Made Me Love You
PO.1021 The Troggs Easy Loving / Give Me Something
PO.1022 Vanity Fare Hitchin’ A Ride / Man Child
PO.1023 Deep Feeling Do You Love Me / Move On
PO.1024 The Troggs Lover / Come Now
PO.1025 Nite People Seaon Of The Rain / P.M.
PO.1026 Vanity Fare (I Remember) Summer Morning / Megowd (Something Tells Me)...
London, 1970

Other possible 45 releases on Page One in Canada (TBD)

Reg Presley Marianne / TBD - -
The Troggs Hip Hip Hooray / Say Darlin issued on Fontana in the USA
Loot Cousin Jane or another title - -
- - Unknown Single written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin ? - -

Further information would be greatly appreciated.


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