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Piers Hemmingsen has been a record buyer and music fanatic since the early 1960s ... he sort of grew up listening to all of the new Beatles releases as they came out .. both on radio and on record.

Piers and his family arrived in Liverpool England one sunny day on July 20th., 1961. The family lived in Larkhill near Salisbury Wiltshire England from July 1961 through August of 1963. His first experience with The Beatles was via his older brother Randall. Piers remembers listening to the Please Please Me LP in STEREO on his family's Pye Model G63 Stereophonic Black Box in early 1963 ... Randall purchased the LP at Sutton's Music Shop in Salisbury within weeks of its release. At that time you could spend time in one of Sutton's listening booths and he thanks his older brothers for taking him there ! At the same time, the family were able to see The Beatles perform on British television .. in black and white.

After moving back to Canada in the summer of 1963 with Randall's Beatles records in tow, Piers began enjoying Beatles records of his own starting in 1965.
randall passeport
My brother Randall's passport with the actual immigration stamp from the day we arrived in Liverpool.

In the 1990s Piers provided background research for EMI Music Canada's Fifty Years Of Music book which was written by Nicholas Jennings and published in 1999 by MacMillan. Piers has since authored two of his own reference books about The Beatles Canadian recordings in Canada and you can find out more about these cool books on this web site.

This web site was originally established in the late 1990s by Piers and has evolved with much help from others to what it is today. Keep visiting to check on the updated content ... enjoy !!!

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