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Canadian Butcher cover?

10 28 2010

1966 Yesterday & Today Canadian MONO Pasteover ... another Canadian butcher ?

This is such a cool LP. It is still in original shrink and was brought to my attention by Andrew Croft earlier this year. It was acquired from a woman here in Toronto who was a huge Beatles fan in the 1960s and purchased the LP when it was issued way back in 1966.

The Parrs slick on the front is pasted over the rear wraparound slick. In the first image you can see the Rubber Soul LP image to the left of John's head. In the third image you can see the words THE BEATLES beside the trunk at the top. In fact, the words MORE GREAT ALBUMS FOR YOUR BEATLES COLLECTION appear to the left of the upsaide down Ringo.

Now the big question is whether there is in fact a "butcher" slick under the "other rear cover" on the other side - I will have to get the jacket X-Rayed to find out but there is a double thickness of paper as two wrap-around covers have been used on one LP instead of the normal practice of just using one. You can see this "extra thickness" in the third image.

I would guess right now that the probability that this is in fact a MONO Canadian butcher jacket is pretty low, but it is still possible. I have never come across an original 1960s Beatles Casnadian album with the jacket assembled in this fashion so perhaps there are two explanations:

1. The butcher slick was removed and the jacket was re-used by keeping just the rear wrapround cover and flipping th ejacket over and starting all over again. This would have been costly but perhaps it was considered briefly as an option.

2. The original MONO butcher slick was not removed and remains "buried" under the rear wraparound cover. I am hoping this is the case and will get the Lp jacket X-Rayed soon.

Stay tuned to find out more !!!




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